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Utilizing the power of the WordPress blogging system, we have created a plugin which will transform it into a question and answers site. Users can register to ask and answer questions posed by others. Its a great way to foster interaction between your site members. WP Answers Plugin pulls questions from Yahoo Answers and auto-posts them to your site, any replies are also posted so your site looks busy from the start. Get ready to save 15% of your cash amount by purchasing WP Answers Theme Discount Coupon Code price. Its your exclusive 15% wp answers discount coupon.

  • Let your visitors create your content with Questions and Answers.
  • Auto generate content from Yahoo Answers and Cash in with Advertising Revenue.
  • Auto Updates the questions and answers so you will always have Fresh set of contents to attract Search engines.

WP Answers Coupon

Get 40% Discount on WP Answers Plugin

You may click the above link to get the wp answers plugin promo code.

If you purchase wp-answers plugin from the below link, then please do leave your new wp-answers powered website url to give a link back and let our visitors see how well you have constructed your website.

Dominate Search Engine Results

Because the content is constantly updated, Google & other search engines love these sites – on our test sites search engine robots are constantly crawling them and growing our results in the search engines.Our plugin allows you to select unlimited search terms from Yahoo Answers so you can tailor the content to match the theme of your site. Create a site that looks buzzing with fresh content from the very start.Mixing content from Yahoo Answers with content generated by your members is a great way to build a unique site for your chosen niche.

Earn Cash on Auto-Pilot

By adding adsense or other contextual advertising within the questions and answers generates a solid monthly income. All ad positions have been tested for the best placements to mazimize click through rates. Insert your adsense code from within our easy to use options panel.The plugin also includes an ad-management system so you can manage the 125px banners, use these to include affiliate banners or private ads to boost your income even further.

We have been earning up to $1000 per month from one Wp-Answers site, More sites = More Money!

Demo of WP Answers Plugin

If you are using wp answers plugin in your website then please do leave the url here to have a look at your design and stream. Get your wp answers plugin discount coupon.

WP Answers Coupon Code

Get 40% Discount on WP Answers Plugin

Discount on 3 common wp answers license types:

Single License ( $89 75.65 $ – Save 13.35 $ )
Includes Wp-Answers plugin & 6 Premium Themes.

Multi-Site License ( 179$ 152..15 $  – Save 26.85 $ )
Allows you to use WP-Answers on all sites you own.

Developer License ( 249 $ 211.65 $  –  Save 37.35 $ )
Allows you to use WP-Answers on your clients sites, You can sell complete Wp-Answers sites as part of a complete website.

Please do write to [email protected] in case the coupon given above is not working. Thanks for your purchase and saving.

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    1. You are welcome bro 🙂 do let me know in facebook or here once u deployed your forum. I can include that one also here as a demo link. Cheers.

      – Robin

  1. Looks like something I might be interested in. Can it be installed as an additional feature to a current WordPress based blog, or does it take over the blogging software completely?

    1. Exactly Michael. After installing this plugin, your site will totally become a place to get questions from your visitors and reply answers to it 🙂

      Thanks for your comment.


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