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Exhibit View is a PDF friendly flexible presentation software for Lawyers, Paralegals and Staffs. You can create annotating transcripts, documents, images, audio / video and web content effectively and easily using ExhibitView Courtroom Trial Presentation software. It is very easy to organize, create and present when you use exhibit software. An easy setup guide comes with your purchase of this software lets you do the installation of exhibit view software all by yourself easily.

“Exhibit View Software” Review

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ExhibitView one license key will let you Run this software on two computers. You can purchase more activations by using the same key in exhibit view website.

ExhibitView iPad

exhibitview ipad

Now you can use exhibitview iPad app to show presentations in courtroom trial. This cool software is also available for Mac, yes Exhibit view for mac can be used with Parallels or Bootcamp to install windows in Mac OS and run this software. We have one of the best Trial Presenter Software here today. You cannot get this much features in free trial presentation software in any chance. Exhibitview solutions brings you the best.

How Bill Parker used it to win a $95,000 lawsuit

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A PDF friendly Litigation Tool for Law Firms

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I purchased ExhibitView in March and used it in trial in federal court right after I bought it. Lots of exhibits (I think we had 72), most of which were displayed at some point during trial. ExhibitView was terrific. Very easy to use.

Chip Cooper, Cooper & Elliott

Just wanted to let you know that I have purchased ExhibitView and plan to use it for all my courtroom presentations.
It’s definitely the best.

Mike Elder, Esq. Purvis & Elder


“After a four-day trial, jurors told me that my firm’s ExhibitView presentations were — in their mind — virtually identical to a large defense firm’s A/V presentations that cost them more than $20,000. ExhibitView makes presentations easy and professional, and it is priced right.

— Joshua A. Millican
Attorney, Law Office of Joshua A. Millican, P.C.


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