12 PDF Readers and Editors For Mac OS X

PDF (Portable Document Format) is one of the standard format for carrying your documents. PDF documents are more secured and easily accessible than other document file formats. PDF format is mostly used in case of printing the documents because there is no chance for change in alignment of the document. Therefore many people prefer PDF documents for carrying and printing their files.


Mac OS X have default PDF reader called “PDF Viewer” which helps to open the PDF documents. Today I’m going to list you another 12 alternative PDF Readers and PDF Editors for your Mac OS X. I categorized these applications into paid and free versions to let you find the one you need easily.

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Skim PDF Reader

Type: Free Version

Skim is a PDF reader and note-taker f0r Mac OS X. It has plenty of in-built features to view PDF files in your mac. It supports for apple remote control and you can download PDF files remotely using this application. You can sync  some external applications like La TeX, Sync TeX, PDF Sync, etc. (Download Skim PDF Reader)

skim pdf reader

Free PDF Reader

Type: Free Version

Gnostice is the developer of Free PDF Reader. It is a free, fast and portable application for your mac platform. Using this application you can export your PDF document  as popular image formats. The application is portable so that you can carry in your flash drive. (Download Free PDF Reader)


Image Via Softpedia

Haihaisoft PDF Reader

Type: Free Version

Haihaisoft PDF Reader is an extremely fast and rich feature set. You can read PDF documents protected by DRM-X platform using this application. One of the light weighted and highly secured application for your macbook. It won’t connect to internet without user’s permission. (Download Haihaisoft PDF Reader)

haihaisoft pdf reader

Adobe Reader For Mac

Type: Free Version

Adobe reader is one of the famous and most commonly used PDF Reader for all the leading operating systems. Adobe reader is available for most of the mobile platforms and it has lot of options to edit and print your PDF documents. Even browser add-ons are available from adobe reader to view and save your favorite PDF documents online. (Download Adobe Reader for Mac)

adobe reader for mac

PDF Sam (Split and Merge)

Type: Free Version

PDF Sam is the abbreviation of PDF Split and Merge. It is one of the best PDF Reader and especially editor for your PDF documents in mac. You can view, edit and add pages to your PDF document. Also you can set rights and permissions to your PDF documents to secure it. (Download PDF Sam)

pdf sam


PDF Info

Type: Free Version

PDF Info is a specialized application used only for PDF editing. Click source button to select the file from your hard disk. You can set password, change producer, creator, author, title, etc. It is mainly available for editing and you can preview your document before publishing. (Download PDF Info)

pdf info

Read Right

Type: Free Version

Read Right is a free, light weight PDF Reader for small portables. Documents can be opened quickly, automatically rotated and scaled to full screen easily. Read Right is a free software developed under GNU General Public License. (Download Read Right)

read right

Open Office 3

Type: Free Version

Open Office is one of the best open source application from sun microsystems. Using Open Office Impress you can import, view and edit your PDF documents. It includes both import and export features. Open office helps you to download your PDF document as a Hybrid PDF so that you can edit your PDF in future using open office. (Download Open Office 3)

open office 3


Type: Free Version

PDF Lab lets you edit and create your own customized PDF documents. You can insert images, create new pages, insert blank pages, etc. Also you can insert watermark in your PDF documents using this application. (Download PDF Lab)


Formulate Pro

Type: Free Version

Formulate Pro helps you to view and edit your PDF documents in mac. You can edit any type of PDF documents in formulate pro also it gives lot of options in editing your document. You can add watermark, graphics, fill registration forms, etc by using this application. (Download Formulate Pro)

formulate pro

PDF Pen Pro

Type: Paid

PDF Pen Pro is an PDF reader which is specialized for editing your PDF documents. You can fill PDF registration forms using this application. Three main features of PDF Pen Pro is you can convert a website into a PDF document, you can create your own PDF forms and you can organize a PDF report with table. It is available for download in app store (Download PDF Pen Pro)


PDF Signer

Type: Paid

PDF Signer comes mainly for filling registration forms in PDF formats. It has in-built tools and options to fill various types of registration forms and application forms in your PDF documents. You can add signatures and watermark easily using this application. You can download this app for mac in app store. (Download Here)

pdf signer

These are some best alternatives to do more with your PDF reading, writing and editing in Mac OS X. If you have any more better software to suggest then please do leave the name of the software in comment below. Thanks for reading and please do share this article with your friends and followers in Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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