Internet Addiction Bumble’s Youths Life.

In this modern era , internet has become a basic element and it has become the source of addiction and the root cause for many disabilities . In recent years according to the research they have found out that the youths are getting more indulged in the internet usage.

At present the children are making use of the internet for their Homeworks and Assignments , of course this a good sense of improving their skills and knowledge through browsing the contents in internet. It is so important to know that there is a black page by the use of this internet. As the child starts to spend more time there is a increased chance of getting affected by problems like ADHD ,Depression, aggression,mental stress etc .

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These are not considered to be a good sense of growth . Few years later the kids used to get engaged with the public and they where physically fit as their entertainments where playing outdoors and they had good relationships with the locality and their neighbours.

As the evolution and the part of this internet emerged with its wings out stretched they became a handheld partner to the youth.

The prediction says that ,increased use of internet among the youth has increased the social phobias and lack of physical constraints. To be more significant many girls get depression and getting adversely affected due to the intensified form of internet misleading and cyber abuse.


Who is the Cause ?

This strategy of the usage and addiction towards the internet can impair the strengths of the youth. It has been proved that this characterization to use the internet and other technology held devices has been paired into the minds of the kids by the family members . Parents usually get engage themselves with the use of mobie phones,PDA’s, etc.

Your Responsibilities Our Suggessions :

  • It is the responsibility of the guardian or the parent to hold his/her son/daughter .
  • Normally they are getting abused with the internet by working for long hours .
  • The youths of adolescent ages mostly get distracted through pornographic sites .
  • Addicted towards the virtually attractive games.

My suggestions

  1. It is important in letting the children in a right path so there is always a need for the help of the internet and technologies . So you need to keep track of them if they get up with a negative impact.
  2. I can suggest you with some softwares that can be used to protect your pc from filtering all the malicious and the pornographic contents . Check out this software named Anti-porn. This can be done even with the use of the Antivirus Softwares and Internet Security Softwares which has the option of parental control that will restrict the most of the sites that are being detected with the informal contents.
  3. Final aspect is that there is a need of supervision.

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