HOW TO: Protect Your Virtual Assets ?

In this new virtual world, nearly everything is achieved through the use of computers. They are an essential part of business and people’s personal life. Many of us will have physical assets that we treasure dearly. No one knows what happens tomorrow, and this article will help you understand well about escrow services and how it can protect your valuable virtual assets.


We will protect these at all costs by taking out home insurance policies, most of which will cover against the damage of theft of our personal possessions. Although many personal possessions can have some monetary value, a lot are treasured because of their sentimental value, a good example being a family heirloom.

When you go for an insurance policy, very important thing is knowing the background about the company that you are dealing with. Spend some time in researching about their experiences and years they were involved in insurance business. When we talk about Computers and Virtual Assets, the case is different from regular insurance policies and procedures. So you got to find a perfect insurance company that has good expertise in protecting your valuable assets.

Virtual Assets and Escrow Services

These days we may also want to seek protection against our virtual assets. You can never be entirely sure who you are dealing with when you are online and there are many people out there who are looking to take advantage of the anonymous nature of the Internet. This is particularly apparent when companies do business with third parties – something which may require software escrow.

A company’s workload can often be too much for the team of employees. The company may also lack the technical expertise required to carry out some of their online business functions online. It may also be cheaper for the company to get a third party (with specialist skills) to carry out the work for them.

You will want to protect you business against any eventuality that comes from working with a third party. Equally the company that you are doing business with will want to cover themselves. This cover is available in the form of escrow.

Escrow is an agreement between all parties involved in business. Escrow software simply protects your business critical applications. There are many escrow services available and many things can be protected.

There are other ways, which your virtual assets can be protected, online. For example you could place all of your digital accounts and passwords on a flash drive and lock it in a safety deposit box. More and more it is becoming important to protect your virtual assets when you are estate planning. This means that when you pass away you are assured that your personal assets are in safe hands.

For example you may want to have a virtual trustee who will be in charge of your virtual assets. It is also a good idea to protect your digital assets by constructing an inventory. You will want to make a list of all the hardware and software items you possess and make note of your online presence like in social media and on websites and blogs.

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