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HOW TO: Remove Credit Card from Godaddy ?

If you helped your friend in registering a domain name with Godaddy or like to remove your old credit card payment information that is currently not active then here is a simple step to do that. Godaddy control panel usually has so many links and navigation to various pages. Their user interface is pretty good and you can find the service pages with simple search. I thought to come up with title to help someone who like to remove their credit card detail if you are unable to locate the payment information page.

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godaddy credit card remove

How to Remove Credit Card in Godaddy

Important Note: Godaddy wont allow us to remove the credit card data without adding another one. Thats the only frustrating thing i have ever seen when i think about protecting credit card. Havent seen this kind of feature with some other domain registrars. What if godaddy faces some security issue and our cc’s been stolen ? Anyway, lets see the process where you can get a temporary relief to prevent any problems.

Step 1: Access your Account Settings

Navigate to My Account and visit “Account Settings“.

godaddy credit card

Step 2: Select “Payment Information” page


Now select “Add a Credit Card” and you will see a small form to fill out your new credit card details. There you may use your International Debit Card option too (most of the indian banks visa cards are accepted). This may protect from auto renewal at the time of renewal period for Indian accounts specially.

Step 3: Transfer your “Old Credit Card” items to Newly added “International Debit Card

godaddy paymentChoose “Select from Existing” and select your newly added Card there.

Step 4: Now Remove Credit Card from Menu

godaddy credit card 3

Once you have added another Credit Card, you will be able to submit a request to remove your credit card info. That is all. Give some time to let godaddy support team solve your submitted credit card change request.

Hope this helps. Thanks for reading and please share this article in Facebook or Twitter to help someone who also in need of this.

About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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  1. That is not possible with U.S or Outside India based Domain Registrar. You can try the Netbanking with Square brothers and many other domestic domain registrars

  2. Seriously . I have never come across any other hosting that “forces” my card details to be saved… Im really surprised godaddy has not been banned for fraud .

    1. Hello Daniel,

      “Godaddy wont allow us to remove the credit card data without adding another one. Thats the frustrating thing..”

      as of Feb 2014 godaddy didn’t allows us to remove credit card details without adding another (duplicate) info. haven’t checked their website recently as i shifted all my domain registrations to name.com. they are bit expensive but very secure and friendly than godaddy.



      1. Hi! Thanks for the info! How can I smoothly transfer my domain to another provider? Don’t they make it hard to avoid loosing stupid customers like me who was registered once to GoDaddy ?

        1. Domain Transfers are easy to do now a days. True, godaddy makes it little complex compared to name.com in my experience. I am able to locate the auth code by myself in domain control panel but with godaddy we have to wait for their confirmation email with domain auth code to initiate transfer to other registrars. I have found the steps suggested by godaddy in this article (https://www.godaddy.com/help/get-an-authorization-code-for-transfers-1685).

          I have one more suggestion for you, https://internetbs.net you can book domain names at discounted rate and in my personal experience, their chat support is the best. with name.com my emails quickly get answers but you can save couple of dollars with internetbs.



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