HOW TO: Monetize Your Software ? Tips from Somoto

Everybody expects to get things for free on the internet today. There are literally thousands of websites that people go to, to find freeware. If the exact software they want isn’t listed, usually a similar one can be found. Software Monetization tools are helping software developers to generate revenue from the software they develop and release it publicly for users.


While this is great news for users, it’s not so great for Developers, who spend a lot of time writing, developing and perfecting their software. There are several different options for developers who want to monetize their software.

One possibility is to offer a trail version, or a basic version, and then hope that the consumer really likes the product and will “Go Pro” or purchase the full version. The downside to this is the users can both uninstall and reinstall the program when the free trail expires, or find an upgrade code that was pirated on the internet.

Another option is to bundle trusted 3rd party software with your download.  In this scenario, an end user is presented with the option to not only download your software, but to download additional software as well. It could be a toolbar, add on or a program just to name a few examples. There are no real limitations as to what can be included. The revenue gets generated once the end-user accepts the download.

Make it relevant to the software you supply and maximum people care about a branded software or trial version of some productivity tool to let them find it worthy and interesting. Games can be a good choice but dont fit as the best one all the time. It absolutely depends on the software you build and type of audience you target to use it.

Security Matters

You should be careful who you partner with, as some companies might bundle software that includes spyware, malware or adware, in the long run this will upset your customer base and could tarnish your reputation online. With that in mind it’s important to find a reputable monetization company to work with.

Monitor the Downloads and Installations

You must be able to monitor the number of downloads and installations happened. It is important to know the level of response you get for the software you have created and to understand what type of customers are interested. So that you can bring updates so relevant and more users to start using it naturally because of existing users recommendation.

The amount of revenue one is able to generate varies based on several factors: the company that you partner with, the number of installs per month and the geographical location of the install. The advantage to using a system like this is even if your software does get pirated, and an upgrade code circulates the internet, you have already received payment for the install.

Benefits of Using Somoto Monetization Software

Increase your Revenues – Somoto lets you create Revenue through Search and E-Commerce that naturally brings plenty of opportunities. It also lets you increase “Software Distribution”. Your software got pirated ? Dont worry, you still be able to generate revenue without any problem. Somoto delivers the best revenue scheme in all possible case.

Brand Awareness – Supporting more web browser is very essential. Somoto takes care of that and lets you extend the software onto all leading web browser platforms.

Retention Tools – Stay Connected with your customers even though, the software is Turned OFF and receive a detailed report to learn about your users experience to improve the features and performance overall.

Have any questions ? For more info, you can advise with Somoto at their website.

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