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InstantSSL by Comodo

Comodo has its foot in the field of Security for long time. Their antivirus softwares for Windows are pretty popular and they do provide SSL Certificate for Websites at affordable rates. Comodo SSL comes with 256 bit encyrption / 2048 signatures, compatibility with 99.99% web browsers used world wide and issued in minutes after your registration.

Their single domain SSL Certificate starts at $99.99 / year. But when you purchase it for 3 years you can get Comodo SSL Certificate at $76.95 pricing.

instantssl comodo sslcertificate

If you want to give their certificate a try, then signup for Free Comodo SSL Certificate Trial program. You get 90 days (3 months) Free Trial SSL Certificate to try with your website and see how it goes with site conversion, compatibility and traffic. You can then decide to buy comodo instantssl certificate from your account dashboard.

  1. Free 1 year PCI Scanning.
  2. Free 1 year Website vulnerability scanning.
  3. 30 Days money back guarantee.

Price: $99.99 and above.

Warranty: $250,000 and above.

Website: InstantSSL Certificate

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