MaxCDN New Plans Update and 25% Coupon Code

MaxCDN new monthly plans and pricing got an update recently. Our MaxCDN Discount Coupon Code will fetch you 25% Flat OFF from Store Pricing. MaxCDN had two plans earlier which was Starter and Business. Recent changes and addition of new plans gives its users more bandwidth and better flexible plan. Save minimum $22.50 with your yearly billing. MaxCDN is one of the best cdn for wordpress available today, and go through the linked article to know why ? You may also check out my maxcdn review based on my experience.

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No one likes to wait several minutes for a web page to load. It is the responsibility of a webmaster to make sure the website loads faster and visitor finds the content quickly as well. Making the visitor search for their content long time is not a good practice at all. When we search something in Google, we want the answer to be found quickly or else we close the web page in few seconds.

Content Delivery Networks makes the page loading faster by serving a website or blogs static files from their powerful servers. Each server will have SSD (Solid State Drive) instead of HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and more Memory (DDR 3 RAM) than regular servers that your hosting company offers. Also these CDN Data centers will have a faster internet and offers good amount of bandwidth as well.

MaxCDN New Plans and Pricing

All technical stuffs are taken care by experts of the company and MaxCDN has some excellent skilled professionals in their data center to manage all the CDN Servers. Lets have a look at new, refreshed maxcdn plans and their pricing in detail.

MaxCDN Monthly Plans

MaxCDN Monthly PlansOriginal PriceDiscounted PriceBuy Now
100 GB Bandwidth per Month$9$6.75Order Now
500 GB Bandwidth per Month$39$29.25Order Now
1 TB Bandwidth per Month$79$59.25Order Now
5 TB Bandwidth per Month$299$224.25Order Now

MaxCDN Yearly Plans

MaxCDN Yearly Plans12 Months PriceFree 2 Months PriceBuy Now
MaxCDN 100GB/Month$108$90Order Now
MaxCDN 500GB/Month$468$390Order Now
MaxCDN 1TB/Month$948$790Order Now
MaxCDN 5TB/Month$3588$2990Order Now

#!/bin/start – Basic CDN plan for a new blog or website that consumes 100GB Bandwidth per month. Well this is quite huge and this plan is sufficient for most of the blogs that drives decent traffic. You can create upto 2 website zones to utilize the 100 GB bandwidth limit. Our exclusive maxcdn coupon code will help you get 25% discount from the 9$ per month and go for yearly billing to save more.

Bandwidth per month: 100 GB

Original Price: 90$ (Yearly Billing with 2 Months Free + 25% OFF)

Offer Price: $65.70 / year

maxcdn coupon code 2015

./plus – This plan is best suited for Blogs and Websites that consumes more than 100 GB bandwidth per month. For a good traffic blog, this plan will suit well and you can serve upto 500GB bandwidth of files every month. You can add upto 3 websites with this plan and costs you 39$ per month. Our maxcdn coupon code will help you get 25% discount from that 39$.

Bandwidth per month: 500 GB

Original Price: 390$ (Yearly Billing with 2 Months Free + 25% OFF)

Offer Price: $292.50 / year

maxcdn coupon code 2015

./business – Business CDN plan fits well for people who run multiple websites and with this plan you can add upto 5 websites at just 79$ per month. When you go yearly you will save more money with our maxcdn coupon code that gives 25% discount. You will get 1 Tera byte of bandwidth every month and it is one of the best plan for bandwidth hungry blogs.

Bandwidth per month: 1 TB

Original Price: 790$ (Yearly Billing with 2 Months Free + 25% OFF)

Offer Price: $592.50 / year

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./premium – Need more than 5 website zones ? for Webmasters who like to add more blogs or websites to their new CDN account, MaxCDN Premium plan suits well. You can add upto 10 websites and every month you get 5 TB of bandwidth. This is little expensive but with our maxcdn coupon code you will get 25% discount on your monthly and yearly billing. When you go Yearly billing, you will be able to save a huge money than with monthly billing mode.

Bandwidth per month: 5 TB

Original Price: 4,990$ (Yearly Billing with 2 Months Free + 25% OFF)

Offer Price: $3,742.50 / year

maxcdn coupon code 2015

Maxcdn Coupon Code

We are happy that you find it positive and like to take our suggestion. We want to Reward you with our exclusive 25% discount on your maxcdn purchase. Use our maxcdn coupon code and avail 25 percent flat off when you choose any one of the above MaxCDN new refreshed plans. Any plan you choose, it comes with 30 days money back guarantee. You are free to get your 100% money back if you are not satisfied with your CDN service. Click the button below to automatically copy the coupon code to your clipboard and take you to maxcdn website. You can choose any plan with Monthly or Yearly plan then.

Get 25% MaxCDN Coupon Code

Did i tell you they have excellent email based customer support ON Air round the clock ? Yup, you will never have to worry about any technical issues while configuring CDN on WordPress blog, Content Management systems like Joomla, Drupal or with other web applications. Shoot an email and receive a quick response from their expert team to solve your queries anytime. I am one happy customer with maxcdn among millions of happy bloggers.

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Get your maxcdn account now and make your website, blog load faster than now. Thanks for reading and you may now share this post with your friends and followers in Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus to let them try as well. Have a wonderful productive day.

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