HOW TO: Switch from Google Reader to Feedly in a Minute ?

In March 13, 2013, Google announced the discontinuance of Google Reader, an application and platform utilized for aggregating content via web feeds, siting that Google hopes to focus their efforts on a handful but profitable products.


Less than two days after this announcement, Feedly, another company that offers a similar product spiked at half a million newly-joined users – apparently Google Reader patrons who now seek new beginnings. Later that week, Feedly landed the top spot on Google Play and US iTunes apps store. Slightly dropping from first to fourth spot, Feedly raced through competition while other news feed apps eat dust to date.

Google Reader hasn’t closed yet, but another company has already feasted on the transfers and while a long list of alternatives has emerged, people seem to have made a resounding choice.

Switching from Google Reader to another news feed app is only logical, but why Feedly when there are probably hundreds of similar applications in cyberspace ?

Feedly is an Aggregator

If you’re a blogger or a website owner or simply a news follower, chances are, you’ve already canvassed on the next best thing. The long lists of alternatives that have recently popped out do not seem to get it right, though. Almost half of those in the list are not pure RSS aggregators like Google Reader. Most of them are combinations on RSS and discovery. Feedly provides a discovery tool that filters through millions of contents while distorting the algorithm that allows fresh news to be read by the aggregator.


Google Reader’s interface was not its strongest assets – Feedly’s is.  The web interface is simple, easy to the eyes and if you have time to fiddle through the application, you’ll find that even the Smartphone version of this application is full-packed for sharing.

Transitioning from Google Reader to Feedly is a no brainer, too. Despite the many users moving from the old to the new, the switch seems seamless and fast. Some users who tried other RSS aggregators complained of waiting for hours, even days for their subscription to upload to the new platform. All you need is a Google account with Feedly and a good chair to relax and you won’t even relax all that long because in a few minutes you’ll be good to go,

iOS and Android Versions Available

Of course, to maximize its presence in the market, Feedly is available on both iOS and Android platforms. We find that it works well for both and users can easily navigate through features and feeds. Kindle Fire users can also enjoy this app. Feedly is compatible with most Smartphones and tablets in the market and easily be downloadable thru Google Play Store.

Future Integrations

Feedly works on just about any social networking sites, blog sites, etc. but is working to integrate their app with Evernote and Pinterest. You can expect for more future integrations as well.

The Transition

Online forms are no joke to fill, so switching from Google Reader to another RSS aggregator better be easy and in a minute! Most users hate the long registration forms and the security features are often questionable. Other platforms require registration but it only takes a few steps with Feedly:

Step 1: Use Chrome to locate the Feedly extension that fits your device.

Step 2: After downloading and installing the extension, visit Look for the link that says “Connect to Google Reader.”

Step 3: Click the button. A window will appear asking your permission to connect to your Google Reader account.

Step 4: Click on “Allow Access.” Feedly will then contact Google Reader and syncs all your subscriptions.

Google Reader officially closes in July 2013, so you can still maximize it for as long as its there, but it is never too early to switch – or at the very least – try another application. You’ve got a long list of possible alternatives but owing to the big number of people who’s already moved, it appears the choice is obvious. Until then, you can try other RSS aggregators in the market or make the switch. By the time Google Reader finally says farewell, you will have already familiarized yourself with Feedly, which should be even better and more robust with upscale features.

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