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HOW TO: Use Pinterest to Promote Business Online ?

Pinterest is now becoming the largest social media on the World Wide Web with a large number of people joining the site every day. If you have not tried Pinterest so far, then do request for Pinterest Invite here and jump in to experience one best startup of the year 2012. Pinterest is also one of the Top 10 Most visited social networking website. The image based, unique network has now become the latest addiction for all the Internet users and thus makes it the prime space to market and promote one’s business.

Why use Pinterest ?


The very first thing that you will see when you open up Pinterest is that it is visually appealing and beautiful. The web page is featured with images to please the eyes. It is indeed a visually social and attractive network site that will help the companies to let others know what their business is all about. And the best part is that all this is done with the use of images and pictures.

How to Promote your Stuff in Pinterest ?

Pinterest is indeed the pin board and so you can pin your pictures, videos and messages on the page and let others see them. It thus allows you to easily connect with others who share similar interests like you. All you need to do is to just make a pin board through choosing some task. You can create the pin board on the way you are looking forward to expand your business or anything. You can thus get ideas from others around and stick these to your pin board.

How Pinterest Helps Business ?

In fact, this platform allows you to easily interact with the others around. You can indeed create any amount of pins as you like. All the members of the network will be easily able to see the pins that you have created. In this manner, they can readily comment on the pins that you have created and so you can enjoy getting ideas from them.

Pinterest for Business – Where to Start ?

You can further pin the latest developments in your business and let others see it. Now all you need to create is an appealing and interesting business related pin. But, how to do that? Let’s see below:

  • First of all, collect the pictures about your blog or site.
  • Place these images together in order to look as if it is a complete picture.
  • Then, ensure that you include the site URL in the images.
  • Also, you can include video links so that the visitors can see the pin and play videos.
  • Be a bit creative and innovative and include the pictures of products or services that you wish to promote along with short description about each product or service.
  • Use the audio messages to describe benefits of the products and services.
  • Pins are basically different web pages. You can create the web pages with links to the business site or blog.
  • Communicate with others as much as you can and allow them to interact with you as well. This will certainly help to build their interest in your products and services.
  • Keep your web pages or profile up to date and add fresh details about your business daily so that others can keep abreast with your company profile.

So, using these tips, you can easily promote your business on Pinterest and enjoy high traffic and visitors to your site or company. Pinterest for Business is one smart idea. Do express your views and suggestions in the comment below.

About Author : This Guest Post is Written by Ankit Pandey, who is proud owner of Link Building Company SeoEaze and which also provides Article Prism Service.

About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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  1. Pinterest is an excellent way to keep customers engaged as well as drive massive amounts of target traffic. One of my sites had a 600% increase in traffic from February to April, & the only thing I did differently was set up a Pinterest account & start pinning.

    It’s just so dang time consuming – partially because it’s so addicting! LOL

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