Smugmug Flickr Alternatives 2019 for Unlimited Photo Storage

Google Photos (Unlimited Photo Uploads)

Google allows us to upload unlimited photos to Google Cloud Storage using Google Photos App. It is my favorite Flickr Alternative without any doubt. Their recent updates to iPhone (iOS) makes it more user friendly and allows us to manage the Photos very efficiently.

  • It’s Free *. (High Quality)
  • It’s Unlimited Photos Upload.
  • It’s available on all Platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux)

About that Asterisk symbol next to the “Free” means, you can upload High Quality (HD) photos without any storage limit. You default 15GB Google Drive storage is not counted with your Photos Upload.

However, if you want to upload Original (RAW) and other File format Photos as shot by your DSLR Camera or 4K Quality photos without letting Google to compress it, then you have to upgrade to paid storage service. That can be counted within your Google Drive Storage limit. New Google Drive Plans and Pricing.

Speaking about Privacy, there is a way to turn off it’s A.I feature if we want to. The built-in A.I feature of Google Photos App creates impressive small video files or GIF style animations with the photos we upload.

For example, if there was a birthday party celebrate at your Home and you uploaded them in suitable folder, then Google Photos A.I will create a beautiful GIF style animation clip for us to Preview and Share, only we want to.

Instead of me trying to type everything to make you understand, it would be great if you can give it a try with few picture uploads by yourself.

If you are Android user, then Google Photos is already there for you and you might be using it already. Google Photos for iPhone and iPad available in App Store. Windows and Mac users can access it via Web Browser. Google Chrome or any web browser you have in your system.

Web: Download Google Photos

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  1. Such a more valuable information. I also read your all Blogs. This is awesome!! I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog. Keep writing such kind of info on your page. I am really impressed with this type of writing.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Thanks for this list of options.
    Do you have any alternatives for unlimited photo-sizes uploads? I used Flickr to upload giant pictures up from 30.000 pixels in length or width and more :-/

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