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Ubuntu 12.04 LTS has just got released and available for download from its official website. Download Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Long Term Support) code named “Precise Pangolin” today and experience the better and stable Linux in the world. You can also take the Guided Tour to experience what is new in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS than its previous versions. LTS releases are supported for five years which is very well ideal for Organizations who like to go for large number of deployments of Linux machines. The support is tremendous through Ubuntu Support community as always and the options to download and install the ubuntu 12.04 operating system on your PC is very easy to do.

ubuntu download

If you ever want to try linux operating system that has perfect Design and UI, then Ubuntu can be the best choice you can make, as it is not just stable, also got a perfect User Interface and Design to make your daily computer and internet tasks go better.

The recent release comes in three flavor,

You can also try Ubuntu Windows Installer to run ubuntu inside a windows computer where installing and uninstalling the os goes pretty easy. You may also upgrade from previous version of ubuntu if you have one installed in your computer. Follow this upgrade guide to get the latest 12.04 LTS release on your desk.

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