List of Best Linux Distributions for New Linux Users (Beginners)


Now Ubuntu is an extremely popular option mostly because it is extremely user friendly and great for beginners. I personally use Ubuntu for my office work, and the tool I use the most is Libre Office. While I’m still an MS Office fan, Libre Office is a pretty good alternative that is easy to use.

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Apart from that you have loads of great apps and for Apple’s OS X lovers, Ubuntu will be a real great choice.

What’s great

  • Ubuntu is extremely secure and doesn’t easily fall prey to malware.
  • It is great if you’ve been working on an OS X operating system, because you won’t feel the difference too much.
  • Ubuntu also comes with loads of pre-installed software.

What’s not so great

  • Since most hardware developers are inclined towards Windows, you might not encounter too much hardware support for Ubuntu.
  • Gaming on Ubuntu is a little hard, since you can’t just download and install your games. You’ll need to install codecs first, and the process is a little complicated for newbies.

Download Ubuntu (Latest Version)

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