List of Best Linux Distributions for New Linux Users (Beginners)

Linux Mint

Linux Mint is probably one of the toughest competition Ubuntu faces. This is because Mint provides a super easy UI that is ideal for user who’ve been working on Windows. A lot of users also claim that while Ubuntu’s Desktop Environment Unity is visually appealing, Cinnamon (Mint’s default DE) is more graphic intensive. Another thing to love about Mint is the file organization. Since its a lot like Windows, the file organization makes it simple to search, whereas on Ubuntu, file search is a little disorganized.

What’s great

  • Mint’s software center is simple to use and it doesn’t have ads over-crowding it.
  • If you’re a devoted Windows user, Mint is the best choice for you. You wont struggle with it.
  • Mint is highly popular among gamers, because gaming apps can be downloaded easily without having to install codecs.

What’s not so great

  • A universal complaint I’ve heard of Mint is that Cinnamon, unlike Unity, suits only a desktop. It is desktop focused and its GUI looks a little outdated when compared to Unity.
  • Mint upgrades are released every 6 months, and requires a re-installation process for each release. So it becomes tedious to keep backing up all your data and applications frequently before the upgrade.

Download Linux Mint

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