List of Best Linux Distributions for New Linux Users (Beginners)


What I love about Fedora is that it gives you an option to checkout its user experience without installing it. This little preview feature helps you make up your mind before you actually install it.  Like all other great distro’s, Fedora places a lot of emphasis on security. It provides you with powerful firewalls, and you can customize it easily to suit your security needs. An added advantage of using Fedora is that you have a wide range of graphic tools available with more control over color management options.

What’s great

  • Fedora is easy to install and can be used for both home and office use.
  • Fedora displays extreme stability that manages to surpass even some very popular Distro’s.
  • Fedora doesn’t have a large software library but it supports popular, major software like LibreOffice and Gimp.

What’s not so great

  • Fedora requires a lot of initial customization for you to get it up and running according to what you want.
  • The default Desktop Environment Gnome isn’t as functionally refined and attractive as Unity.

Download Fedora Linux

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