HOW TO: Modify your Android Keyboard

Hello Android lovers and this post could be acclaimed as yet another cool feature for android users. Basically most of the android users will thing that the default keyboard available on their android smartphones is tiny and not compatible with their stout fingers. Most of the time they will be striking their heads on near by walls for editing the texts through keyboard that too very cautious.

This is quite weird all the time and so here comes a solution instantly which some may know and many were not knowing of. And even if many knew it there comes a problem how to use it.  The way is of using Third-party apps. Here comes a simple instructional guide to support you for using the app in your android phones.

android swype

Some of the famous third party apps are Swype, Smart Keyboard Pro, and Thumb Keyboard all these apps were available at android market (Apps mentioned here for downloading from android market are of paid ones). In this most of them choose Swype as a favorite tool as it just follows swipe the screen rather than pick or selecting and typing each word.

Phone keyboard settings

1) Download the Third Party Keyboard from Android Market Place.

2) Go to Settings.

3) Select Language and keyboard.

4) There, you shall see the new keyboard you have just downloaded.

5) Click on the checkbox of the new keyboard.

6) You can also alter the settings from the next tab.

7) Now go to your resident messaging app.

8) Long press in the input field where you type.

9) Select input method and then select the new keyboard.

That’s all you have done with the Android Keyboard App Setting. Enjoy the feature in your smartphone and if you got any free app found in android market please do share with us. Ciao ! Cheers !

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  1. i can’t use internet when i installed android os in my pc,pls tell me the solution i am using mts data card wireless pls tell me solution

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