Apple Thunderbolt Cinema Display Alternatives

Nixeus Vue NX-VUE27D

It has good number of positive reviews from existing users, Nixeus Vue looks solid built with a great stand overall. This monitor supports up to 16.7 million true colors with 100% sRGB color gamut. 27 Inch (2560×1440 screen resolution) is perfect for productivity purposes and as a gaming monitor as well. Nixeus Vue 27 inch IPS LED Monitor is well compatible with Mac and PC. So if you want it to be your extended display monitor or a primary monitor at your desk. Nixeus Vue 27 inch led display may meet you requirements very well with its 6ms Response time. Lets check out the ports it has to connect with different devices.


The stand is firm and stable, you can height adjust the monitor with swivel, tilt forward/backward by 15 degree and 90 degree for portrait mode. VESA Mount Compatible. One huge setback with this monitor is it comes with just DisplayPort. So you cannot connect devices via HDMI or USB. Also the official recommendation states that you should avoid using any

Ports: 1 x Display Port

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