New Stumbleupon and New Stumblebar

Stumbleupon, one of the famous Social Bookmarking service brings completely new Design to its Homepage and its Stumblebar, which lets users to keep on digging new contents on every click. The new logo looks much cooler than usual and if you own a blog that has Stumbleupon button added, then you must be seeing the all new stumbleupon buttons on your blog. They refreshed it automatically to give new refreshing look to its users.

stumbleupon new designGoogle is slowly changing all of its services to new UI and Design. Twitter has changed its UI and Design with great new features additions yesterday. And today, its Stumbleupon gave a big surprise to its fans with its all new colorful look across new stumbleupon website.

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Stumbleupon is one of the leader in Social Bookmarking service, that learns from users based on the likes and dislikes while stumble through the amazing web pages, videos, photos and much more when you click on Stumble button. Your friends will see the contents that you liked and SU will keep on pulling great contents that lets you find more and more on every click.

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