HOW TO: Use Google Plus for Marketing

Google plus is used in more ways by the users right now but the major usage is done by the bloggers for their content promotion and information sharing. This is quite an interesting stuff on Google plus supporting for content marketing. When ever there is something newly found or something that is ready to satisfy your problem then you must be directly looking upon Google. Where most of the web based notifications, alerts, product launches and product manufacture are also coming under this single venture named Google.

How to use Google Plus for Marketing ?

This makes sense when Google is been used only for content marketing ? No not at all you can use Google at its best to enhance your marketing wing. If you thing that social media is the only possible way to promote and provoke then Google have offered an separate platform for you Google Plus.

7 Interesting Tips to use Google Plus for Marketing

You can use Google plus as a marketing tool to enhance the traffic, subscribers count and people in your circles.

Create a Tiny URL to share your Google Plus profile: Important thing one must do after entering Google plus is to get a custom URL  for their profile. Normally a default Google plus profile will be carrying a User ID along with it (ex:

This post may help you to create a custom Google+ URL How to get a Google plus custom URL?

Once you have a simple Google plus profile nickname then it will be easy for your followers and friends on your circle to share your profile contents and new friends to search you.

Create Sparks on your Interest

Prefer creating sparks on the interest of yours and those of your close friends. This would probably increase the contents you share on your wall there by increasing the +1’d feature. Important feature of Sparks is very soon it is going to get tagged on your search results. When you try to post the contents of your blog on Google plus with a thought to share those publicly do that on extended circles thereby anyone in google plus could see your post and share it.

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Start Hangouts

Hangout feature in Google plus beta version is highly resourceful for the people who could arrange immediate conferences with all those in their custom circles. It supports productivity also invoking the time management supporting your business in a smarter way.

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Do share and Get shared

As long as you improve our habit of sharing things posted by others, commenting those, and recommending the quality posts you will be getting those back. It will improve your circle count and your regular readers count and slowly things you share will be boosted with recommendations from many sources. This builds the power of relationship and creativity when interacting with many other visitors.

To understand how google +1 works you may read : How +1 works on Google plus?

Manage Google+ Circles Effectively

You must be keen on improving your Google circles as this is the thing which decides who you are going to share the posts with. Rather than Google’s default layers like Friends, Family, Acquaintances etc., you should have a simple customized circles like Co-workers, Schoolmates, Bloggers, Music band. It should carry an individuality for each and every circle and so you could be more aware of posting things to custom Circles.

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Your profile should  be Visible

Having done all things well if you were not aware of your profile’s visibility then there’s no use of other things. Keep your profile visibility OPEN so that who ever searches for you in search could easily find you. You should be enabling Help others find me in search results.

Before going for this make sure you know about privacy terms.

Create a Strong Profile

As long as your profile looks clear and reliable you will be getting more and more people on your circle. They will add you on to their circle if they found that your profile is strong enough to give them a good report on your inclusion. People will not see your face as it would be a thumbnail in rather sense but they will try to find your introduction is well presented or not. Also add links to your other social media blocks like Linkedin, Website, Blog, Twitter etc., We hope that you have got a better idea to use Google Plus for Marketing.

Thanks for reading and i hope you find this read an interesting one. Please do share this article with your friends and followers in Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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