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HOW TO: Update Google+ using SMS

Google plus is the newly emerging social networking website in social media. Where everyone knew that google have launched it very recently in a way to make some space for it on social networking platform. Just as their like most of user started loving the interface, sharing and Takeout / Backup schemes of Google which is right now can be declared as the Facebook Alternative.

So having all those interesting stuff now an added advantage of google+ sms is you can update your status on the stream using your mobile sms. Surprising is it? Its a simple process which will be essential most times for everyone. Infact this feature is been launched for the Users form India and United States where most of the mobile users rely on.

How to update Google+ using SMS ?

1. Go to http://plus.google.com and make a login.

2. Go to Google+ settings.

3. Here click on “Add Phone settings

Add Phone Settings

4. You need to register your mobile number here.

Register your Phone number

5. You will be sent a Verification code to your mobile.

Verification Code

6. Insert the Verification code you receive on your mobile here.

Successful Registration to Google+

7. Start posting your status to the number shown on the website.

Video Tutorial :

[youtube width=”550″ height=”344″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lF5RrGJ_xwQ[/youtube]

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