How to Hide Facebook Friends List from Friends and Others?

Facebook is the best place to meet all your school, college friends and colleagues from Work. It is not recommended to let anyone go through your Facebook Friends List as it rises Privacy Concerns. I personally recommend you to Hide Facebook Friends List from your Friends, Friends of Friends and Others. Read Facebook Blackmail SCAM to understand what i am talking about. It has become part of our lives and more than billions of users world wide are active facebook users as of today. Privacy and Facebook has big space in-between.

However, facebook provides few privacy tools to limit and protect the data you share about yourself to your friends, friends of friends and public.

Friends List displays complete friends list you have added to your facebook account. So it is very important to take control of your friends list to limit who can see your friends.

hide facebook friends list

It’s not just about your privacy, as allowing one random stranger also allows many friend requests sent to your friends and they all will see you as a mutual friend. Most of the time scammers who target random strangers at facebook uses easy flaw to access and collect lot of victims.

Facebook is the nicest place till you realize that you have no privacy at all. Some people are not so used or like the way facebook works and they find it as a threat to their privacy. That is why people started to delete facebook account permanently than deactivating it temporarily. Following are some facebook privacy tweaks and changes you can make to understand and protect your privacy at facebook.

Alright, without any delay let’s see how to hide friends list in facebook from everyone and take control of your friends list from being accessed by strangers at Facebook.

The default setting of friends list is set to every one where anyone who visits your profile can access your friends list without adding you as their friend. Now you can limit such access and protect your friends list in facebook by following the simple steps suggested below.

Step 1: Go to your Facebook Profile Timeline page and click on “Friends” tab. Mostly, it is located next to “About” tab.

hide friends list facebook

Step 2: Now click on “Edit” pencil icon located next to “+ Find Friends” button.

hide friends list facebook 2

Step 3: Click on “Edit Privacy” from the menu and it will open the Privacy settings window for Friends List Management.

hide friends list in facebook

Step 4: Select “Only Me” in the “Who can see your friends list?” section to prevent your friends, friends of friends and public from accessing all your friends list.

You can configure the same to Following and Followers list as well. Remember, your friends will still be able to access the mutual friends section. Whenever a person in your friends list commented, liked or shared your posts that you share, then it is possible for anyone to see their profile information.

That is all. Let me know if this simple tutorial to hide your friends list in facebook helped you. Write your comments and questions below. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share this post with your friends in Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Have a great day.

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