HOW TO: Create Google+ Pages for your Business, Brands and Website ?

Google+ now lets you create Google+ Pages for your Business, Brands and Websites to let customers, fans and friends get quick updates by adding the page to their circle. Google+ is currently testing this feature and slowly activating it to many profiles. Google+ team is yet to announce the Username feature for profiles and pages. May be, that will be the next feature that the team may come up with.

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How to Create Google+ Fan Page ?

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It will be very easy to share with short urls than an url with lengthy numbers. Though we have some third party services to achieve this process “How to Create Short URL for Google+ Profile“, it is must to get one officially from Google Team.

In order to create new more than one google+ pages, you can simply click on the link provided at the menu at the right sidebar of your home page, else navigate to Manage your Pages to create more pages based on Location, Places, Institutions, Company, Organizations and so on.

google plus pages

How to Switch between Pages and your Google+ Profile ?

After creating your google+ fan page, if you feel like switching to your google plus profile back, then simply click on the “Link” next to your Profile Nickname to navigate between your pages and profile.

google plus fan pageIts that easy to navigate between your pages and profile. You may also Manage your Google+ Pages by clicking on “Manage your pages” link that you found in this menu.

Google Plus Fan Page on Search Results

google plus fan page

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  1. really excellent … it helps for new businesses to create their fan page. it also helps to increase visibility of website.

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