HOW TO: Improve Privacy in Google+ ?

Social media zone is the mostly utilized factor an also the factor for threat. Keeping this thing majorly one must be aware of his profile built and who are all going to see that. Keeping the profile public it won’t make sense you are sharing your personal things and screaming that strangers are inside your circle. One must be very clear about his public profile and his visibility inside Google. At this stage the only solution is to understand the privacy terms clearly and customizing those things to his flexibility.

Google is an ocean and it allows your profile more safely float on it promoting all your works and make yourself visible by default. Many take this thing positive but most of them think about the independent and personal aspects. Very often there are there will be a question that entering Social Network will offer any data ownership for the user ? Google plus creates a confidence among its users with the data ownership with the users themselves.

5 Ways to Improve Privacy in Google+

Updates from E-mail

If you think that you mail base is flooded with the mail notifications from Google plus. The process is very simple navigate to Google Account Settings.

Your Public Visibility

Make you are publicly visible in Google search engines where your Google Plus profile is visible to the public. You can edit this thing on your Profile settings.

Personal Messaging

In Google plus you can send private / personal messages to individuals which will be not visible to anyone on the circle and it will be a limited share between the two who are sharing. This can be done at the place of sharing anything on the stream line.

Customize who see you on G+

Inside your Google plus profile you can customize who are all can see your contacts details, your stream and your profile. Take this link to customize yourself

Stop Reshare

You can also stop re-sharing your post by someone in your circle. This may stop some unwanted things to be spread wide. Also will stop creating problems in close relationships. You can do that by disabling the option at the place of sharing the post.

So all together start sharing posts which are globally recognized and useful to many, with your circles, with your extended circles. Its not a sin to keep information alive and public but make sure what the information you are going to share inside Social network.

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About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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