15 Social Networks You May Not Have Heard Of

Social, the word become so trending and popular in web for the past few years. People use Social Networking websites to stay in touch with their family, friends and do business as well. Bloggers and Webmasters usually give more focus as they make their living from passive income they make online. People are everywhere, we cannot expect all of them to be in one place. That is the main reason, we have to use more social networking sites to meet more people.

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Are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others the be all and end all of social networks ? Or are there more ? So many new networks have come up recently and most of them have their loyal fans. For any business person or blogger, it makes sense to know which these networks are and get on them pronto.


This site helps you connect with brands and understand your power as an individual over brand building and marketing. Select worthwhile causes and sponsor the right brands to earn points. You can redeem these points for money for the charity of your choice.


Favo.rs is where you head to if you want a favor. It’s a social network for founders, professionals and other biggies get together to network and barter services. Co-founded by well known entrepreneur Adam Rodnitzky, the site focuses on individual business people, entrepreneurs and SMBs. If you’re in business, you need to be on this network.


Nextdoor is a networking site where you can connect with people living close to your home, workplace or favorite haunts. This Menlo Park, California startup enables people living in specific areas to create their own private websites and use them to exchange local events, information and lore.


Do you have a question and want a quick answer for it? You don’t have to post your questions on Yahoo! Answers or Q&A sites anymore and wait for ages till someone responds. Create a user account on Formspring.Me and start asking your questions. If you’re someone who does a lot of research and needs quick info, you need to be on this network.


This is a social shopping experiment network that specializes in design. Users share their online purchases here with others who are similarly, aesthetically inclined. This is a full screen network with no annoying news ticker or other elements to distract you from the content. It also allows live feed from members.


Quora is a knowledge-exchange center, where people share their know-how with others to benefit from what others know. A fabulous concept, especially if you are looking to earn knowledge that’s uniquely flavored by individual experiences.  If you are in the business of generating information, be on this network.


AOL has recently launched a MapQuest social network called mqVibe, which is a business and neighborhood social network. mqVibe helps people understand the benefits and interests of buying or renting a home, or starting a business in a specific neighborhood. It’s launching with 50,000 neighborhoods to begin with.


Use this social media tool to locate, create and share events. For example, if you upload your iTunes library into Eventful, it will automatically generate events by the artists. You can then share the events with other users. Eventful has a Demand function which you can use to indicate which bands or artists you want to visit your region.


If you’re a cooking enthusiast, or a foodie, you can share your recipes and rate others’ recipes on this site. You can also sign up to find customized recipes for your favorite or exotic dishes from around the world.


Whatever instructions you need for your projects, home improvements, schoolwork and so on, you can get them from this social site. It’s a totally user-dependent site, where users upload their projects and rate others’ projects.


Always been a baseball fanatic? Now’s your chance to connect with professional athletes, coaches and other raving sports fans. You can upload exercise and game videos, and visit an athlete’s “locker” to see what their lives are like.


If you’re a blogger, you can use this site to network and collaborate with other bloggers, readers and businesspeople. Comment on articles, create friend lists and interact – you can really expand your reader network through this site.


My-ArtMap is a social network aimed at artists and art lovers around the world. It has an international audience and is available in multiple languages. You can log in using Facebook Connect or create your user credentials. There’s an iPhone app of the same name as well.


If you’re a member, you can upload pictures of your daily activities and share-worthy moments along with captions that describe your feeling of the moment. It’s a cute way to document the daily happenings of your life and relationships. DailyBooth allows you to follow other users and obtain real-time updates on their activities as well.


MocoSpace is a mobile social networking site, which allows users to IM, share videos and photos, mobile chat, use discussion forums and play video games. MocoSpace is one of the largest all-mobile websites in United States. You can either create a separate user account or sign up with your Facebook account.

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  1. Wow, the only social network that I am familiar with in this list is Formspring.me. Thanks for sharing this Robin! Quora seems really interesting. 🙂

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