SentryPC Review 2019 – Does it Really Work?

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Monitor, Filter and Control the Windows PC Remotely. SentryPC Review 2019 updated with new features and let us explore them here one by one. A Simple Slogan on SentryPC website. I thought to test this software before recommending it to others. SentryPC Review we have…

Bitdefender Internet Security Review and up to 50% Discount Coupon Codes

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Bitdefender Internet Security software is my favorite and i always recommend it to my clients who are looking for the best security software for Windows 10 with excellent features in protecting their PC when they connect to Internet. Today, we have this Review for you…

How to Hide Facebook Friends List from Friends and Others?

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Facebook is the best place to meet all your school, college friends and colleagues from Work. It is not recommended to let anyone go through your Facebook Friends List as it rises Privacy Concerns. I personally recommend you to Hide Facebook Friends List from your…

How to Stop Facebook Video Auto Download Problem?

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Facebook Auto Play is one bandwidth killing feature, and facebook have given a simple settings to disable and stop facebook video auto play on mobile, pc and mac computers. Also, if your fb notification flooded with Game Requests, see here to know how to turn…

Facebook Search and How to Protect Your Privacy?

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Facebook Search has got even better in terms of features, but when it comes to security, it has got lot easier for anyone to search your public posts and profile information. Facebook posts search feature¬†introduced an year ago, but it was limited to friends profiles….

How to Deal with Fake Facebook Profile or Account?

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Anyone can create a fake facebook profile or account with temporarily created email address, false or copied profile information in minutes. If you have ever been a victim of fake facebook profile that ruined your credibility, trust among your business contacts and created other unnecessary…

Information Technology Certification, CompTIA A+ Giveaway

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CompTIA is a non-profit trade association and a main provider of professional certifications for the global information technology (IT) industry. Today, we are happy to Giveaway CompTIA A+ Certification Voucher today, that is worth of $194 for one lucky winner. Certification Courses always add more…

Best Google PageSpeed Alternative Services for Websites

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Google Pagespeed Service is one of the Free CDN Service available from the Search Engine giant Google. But they are going to discontinue Google PageSpeed Service globally on 3rd August 2015,¬† and if you are using it for your website or blog, then its time…