iphone mail app not showing notifications

iPhone, iPad Mail App Not Showing Notifications? Here’s the Fix

Is your Mail App Not Showing Notifications in iPhone and iPad? Do you have new emails ready to be read when you open the application without any notifications? This is a typical issue however can be solved, by following the steps below. If you prefer…

download youtube facebook twitter videos instagram reels iphone ipad

Download Youtube, Facebook, Twitter Videos and Instagram Reels in iPhone and iPad

How to Download Youtube Videos in iPhone and iPad? is the question many ask when they are new to iPhone and iPad. Right now, we have more social networking websites. So the question should be, how to download facebook videos, twitter videos and instagram reels…

how to setup use universal control mac ipad

How to Setup and Use Universal Control on Mac and iPad?

Apple released macOS 12.3 and iPadOS 15.4 that brings the Universal Control feature to Mac and iPad. Let’s Quickly see how to setup and use Universal Control on Mac and iPad. Once enabled, you can use the same keyboard and mouse to control up to…

charging not available liquid water iphone ipad tips fix

“Charging Not Available” Liquid has Been Detected Error in iPhone or iPad?

If your are seeing “Charging Not Available” – Liquid has been detected in the Lightning Connector. Disconnect to allow the connector to dry. Charging now may damage your iPhone, then you should Stop using your iPhone further. It needs serious attention and immediately turning off…

best websites watch free movies tvshows online

Best Websites to Watch Free Movies and TV Shows Online

Finding the Right Free Movies and TV Shows streaming websites is not easy. We have Hand picked few Best Websites to Watch Free movies and tv shows online. There are 100s of websites for free movie streaming apps available but most of them are fake….

you have one or more pending store credit refunds

“You have one or more pending store credit refunds” Error, How to Fix?

When you try to change Country / Region in your iPhone or iPad, you may encounter an error “You have one or more pending store credit refunds. You must wait a few hours for these to complete and then spend the balance before you can…

how to fix update-apple id settings error iphone ipad

Fix Update Apple ID Settings Error in iPhone and iPad?

It must feel like, you are stuck in an Endless loop in an attempt to Update Apple ID Settings. I felt the same and here is a fix for update apple id settings error in iPhone and iPad. I think, it could be some strange…

fix iphone overheating problem

How to Fix iPhone OverHeating Problem?

iPhone is awesome to hold until, it starts to feel like a hot piece of metal. There are few easy to follow methods to Fix iPhone Overheating issues. Build quality is one thing i really love about Apple iPhone. Its sturdy and beautiful. No doubt…