20 Tech Magazines to Download and Subscribe Monthly

Magazines are the powerful tool to drive people towards a cause or for a cause. This is the key stroke for a magazine to kick start and get going. In this internet era we are getting updates very soon and though we need some magazines that would reach our home regularly. It is obviously human nature to have things even more flexible and informative in a comfortable environment. Get Bitdefender Coupon Code 2012 Latest can be found here. Reading a magazine on your PC as a web document and reading it on your cot, on a travel, during leisure hours etc., is different. This is the major reason for being attracted towards magazine subscription.

magazineMagazines also spread their wings in a drastic way covering all the sectors and legions which an user expect with recent updates as well as the future vision on technology. So the entire thing circles around a normal user and his basic intellect towards viewing things. This post will have ten different categories where an user do search for magazines in internet.


You may grew bigger by age but you can’t say no if there is possibility to play games on your PC, XBox or PlayStation. This is normally an genetic built inside human DNA to do thinks what he cant do in reality.

Game Pro

Game Pro is a famous quarterly magazine for gamers with an extraordinary paperback methodology which more worth than a magazine. It carries editorial geek-view on all recent games, excellent designs and cutting-edge for gamers. This is initiated as monthly magazine and to improve quality and value for the content they made as an quarterly edition. Game Pro will be surely an quality collection for gamers and those who are in gamer industry. (Visit the site: Game Pro)

PC Gamer

This is a special arena for PC users who would think about playing an adventure, strategy, racing and fantasy in their desktop. PC Gamer is specially designed magazine for gamers and they carry a single point agenda Entertainment unplugged. One may digg to any extent regarding the reviews, previews about upcoming games and those for existing games. (Visit the site : PC Gamer)

Official X-box magazine

Magazine especially for Microsoft users and moreover X-Box lovers is what Official X-Box magazine. It’s been organized by a well settled team providing all the support 24*7 and thereby increase your gaming experience even more bigger. You can also purchase the magazine online or subscribe to it for an monthly edition with improved set of games, reviews, previews on a fresh podcasts. (Visit the site : X-Box Magazine)


Technology is the only thing that keeps the people exciting always. This is simply an outcome of each one’s desire and dream of looking things in a different way. It just don’t come only by dream but with more and more patience and excellence. Technology provides and serves mankind in any one way starting from most used cell phones to rarely used measures.


Thinkdigit is the simple tag line for this magazine which is universally know as digit. Whenever you find any reasons to check on technology digit will be there with an answer for you saying the reason for your question also. This is a well improved magazine which comes as a monthly edition with more number of technical and technological stuffs and there by creating a lot for its readers starting from a beginner to novice. (Visit the site : digit)


Chip is another tech magazine which you can say operating at the heart of technology. They are very rich in content they provide as this magazine is one of the best selling tech-magazines in the world. Chip comes along with many sub editions in a particular criteria say Android, java, applications etc., in order to enhance the reading as well as technical standard of the users. (Visit the site : Chip)


World knows the most secure platform to rely on is nothing but Mac OS X. Mac is been loved by most of the people for simple reasons like interface, mail client, virus free and most reliable one for every kind of users. Only thing in world which waits before something is going to get launched is nothing but Macintosh.

Mac World

Mac World magazine will be a complete solution for all your mac needs. This will provide you with product updates, reviews, tips and shortcuts for your machine and to operate smart on the environment of Mac users. This supplies you with all the product features as a full span version on your desk. (Visit the site: Mac World)

Mac Life

Mac Life is another successful mac magazine that publishes about Macintosh monthly. This magazine carries a lot of sections inside it simply categorizing the products, reviews and their features list carrying a price tag. Mac life also brings down some resource it with video tutorials which is a hand ahead of the other kind. (Visit the site: Mac Life)

Open source

Open source have got an universal appeal because of its awesomeness. Its quite rare to find a developer releasing his notes to public under General Public License so anyone can use it, redefine it, and republish the same. Because of this open feature most of the developers and end-user started using open source products.

Linux Journal

Linux journal is an official release for linux based programming, hacking and cracking tips, community based questionnaire section, security measures, etc., are dealt in a simple crispy way that would be understandable for any user. Linux journal is an monthly edition and you can subscribe to their magazine on their website. (Visit the site: Linux journal)

Linux for You

Linux for you is another productive magazine with more details filled on to it which majorly supports developers in Linux platform. They are releasing some basic tips and guides for beginners in a separate section. Along with the tips the magazine also provide some easy executable codes and concepts. It carry and how to section which deals with a complete stretch inside opensource. (Visit the site: Linux for you)

Computer and Gadget informatics

Computer informatics section will provide you with some interesting stuffs on your pc. Everyone will be a master in handling with the usual machine they use the most of time. In that way it will be more supportive and helpful to know the process inside the machine which will be a little informative.

PC World

An excellent solution for all your computer and gadgets with perfect and offer deals will be surely from pc world. A perfect magazine that will guide you through millions of product and thousands of product dealers and to chose the right thing from the right one. This is an monthly edition and so you can subscribe through online. (Visit the site: PC World)

PC Magazine

PC magazine is something like most specialized desk for your computer and gadget needs. Starting from a pc cover to ipad stand you can collectively find it out on this magazine. It carries almost everything updated in terms of recent launches to those going to hit market soon which will keep your gadget knowledge in high standards. (Visit the site: PC Magazine)

Web development

Web development is the busiest work going round the world as because each and every individual have their own blog and mostly the advertisement for any product is concentrating on web based hits.

Web developers journal

A simple guide for all web developers to go with an experienced set of team for their support. This magazine is majorly web based so that you can get instant assistance for all the problems and at the same time for the beginners to get started. This is an monthly edition with a lot of tutorials packed on it and a simple station for all web developers to reach out. ( Visit the site: Web Developers Journal)

Digital Web Magazine

Web magazines will not be of hard copy but the thing they suggest is for web development one must surely go for something that is fully web based. This is for instant and web related support for the developers from the forum and to dugg as many information they could go for inside their site. (Visit the site: Digital Web Magazine)


What ever you say people will be surely have some regular interest on electronics. This is majorly because anyone can use this rough or of those kind which is the major perspective of electronics in the society. Electronics may start the categories from a battery torch, home theatre to multi-functionality Zealous Entertainment.

Electronic House

A single point agenda this magazine carries for its users is, “We will test things to core, not your patience“. When this is the tag line then you will be surely aware what they are going to suggest for you. Yes well tested electronic products from the right seller will be prompted to you for a trusted order. (Visit the site: Electronic House)

Electronic Products

Electronic products is a special magazine for product lovers and that too of electronic product collectors. This magazine is an ultimate edition for all electronics starting from a Pendrive to Fiber Optics device modem. You search for popular selling list, reference kits and product demos on a single place. (Visit the site: Electronic Products)


Designing not just is meant for those who do offline work in their picture editing or creating tool but majorly on the web based designing which has a great scope in recent days. Corporates need clients and those clients need to look upon for corporates. Websites does the job for introducing the corporate to client and rest of things will be done after the work been started. For the initial introduction they rely on a web based orientation. So designing is not just customizing it will extend to logo creation, themes import etc.,


This is the worlds best selling magazine for web designers for the past fifteen years. This magazine supports with simple theme customization to developing an own typical theme. Mostly deals with the development in web languages like PHP, HTML5 and Cascade Style Sheets. (Visit the site: .Net)

Graphic Design and Publishing

Graphic design and publishing magazine is not only for designing nut also you can have some tutorial regarding the problems you face. This magazine deals with the following categories like photoshop based design, typography, photography, web design and book shelf where you can get thousands of related applications for reference. (Visit the site: Design and Publishing)



Mobiles are next popular search term compared to any other gadget information. In that sense how it will get received by people if they are about to create some information especially on mobiles then that’s the reason for starting magazines that wold help people updated on this single platform.

Mobile Magazine

Mobile magazine is a detailed directory for the information for mobiles and for those in search of mobile solutions. This carries all company mobile will excellent gadget information for your mobile accessories and mainly price ranges for all these stuffs on local market and E-Market. (Visit the site: MobileMagazine)

Mobile Marketing Magazine

This magazine helps you to improve your mobile marketing skills. Its nothing but providing simple solutions for your mobile needs and to improve the productivity for your company based projects. Mobile Marketing Magazine is a quarterly edition and you can subscribe to it online. (Visit the site: Mobile Marketing Magazine)


Microsoft related product guide for their software and products starting from their visual studio to Team foundation server. Licensed software developer will send support only by some trusted websites and in that order we have two official websites for the technical support from Microsoft.


MSDN is an official magazine which lends support the licensed users. They provide tutorials for visual studio and some other official products of Microsoft. MSDN also supports with the hands on experience for their upcoming software with some software package along with magazine subscription. (Visit the site: MSDN)

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