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My favorite CDN service and i always recommend it for anyone looking for premium CDN plan and an alternative to Google Pagespeed or Cloudflare CDN service. MaxCDN has servers and data centers in many part of the world. They are the best CDN service available today and hosted millions of high traffic driving websites including Forbes, StumbleUpon, TheNextWeb, TemplateMonster, The Washington Times, Macrumors, Android Central, Adobe and many more.

maxcdn pagespeed

Speed, Speed, Speed and that is the only focus for MaxCDN. Their Tech support is one main reason i recommend it to my clients and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. MaxCDN serves your webpages from SSD (Solid State Drives) powered Servers with high amount of RAM Memory and High Internet Bandwidth connected Data Centers and Servers. Your website contents are served in lightning fast to your website visitors.

Setup MaxCDN in less than couple of minutes and forget about your Hosting server load and Resources limit. MaxCDN Offloads your server load and you can manually specify which files, file types and folders should be served via MaxCDN servers.

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Your website contents will be served from multiple domains and you can easily create each domain names for example (CDN, CDN1, CDN2 etc.,).

MaxCDN is very flexible and easy to setup and use for any websites and blogs. Our 25% MaxCDN Coupon Code Discount Offer will help you get some slash in your monthly and yearly CDN Hosting bill.

One more tip, if you are a web developer and creating Responsive Websites, Themes and Templates give a try with Bootstrap. You may use Bootstrap CDN for both CSS and JavaScript files which is powered by MaxCDN service.

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