Best Websites and Resources to Learn Ethical Hacking

VTC – Advanced Ethical Hacking Training Course

Virtual Training Company is familiar for many and popular for their Software Training videos for Windows and Networking. They have the best Video Tutorials and Training programs at their store. Download VTC Video Tutorials to your Laptop, Desktop Computer hard drive and watch it at your own convenient timings. They also provide their complete course content via USB Pendrive. VTC Certification issued on completion of the course helps anyone to use it in their Resume.

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They have two ethical hacking courses in their store and you can pickup the first one or second one after exploring the table of contents. Both the courses offer great overview and insight into each topics. Starting with an introduction you can learn about Nmap & Nessus Scanning Techniques, Metasploit Framework Training, Web Application Testing, SQL Injection Attacks, Social Engineering Attacks and much more.

Choose any one after exploring the syllabus and start learning. You can also take Certification courses from popular vendors and software manufacturers at VTC website. Such as Microsoft Certification, CISCO Certification and so on.

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