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CBTNuggets Ethical Hacker Course

CBTNuggets are in the E-learning Business for the past 10+ years and they need no introduction at all. They are currently offering EC Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker certification with training materials. EC Council is recognized by most of the Enterprises and Organizations when it comes to Ethical Hacking Certification. They are expensive, but if you are looking for CBTNuggets quality training, then go through this course and it prepares you for EC Council Certification which you can decide by the end of the training program.

It starts with Introduction to Hacking, Overview about Linux, Reconnaissance, Footprinting, Scanning, Malware, System Hacking, Sniffing, Denial of Service Attacks, Hijacking, Web Server Hacking and so on. Totally you will get 15 hours of training with 31 videos plus Practice Exams, Virtual Laboratory and Accountability Coaching.

Similar to Udemy, you can watch and practice your courses on your iPad, iPhone and Android Smartphones, Tablets on the go.

GET IT: CBTNuggets Ethical Hacker Course

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