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Google Background Image Ready for Indian Users

I know, you immediately think about Bing when we talk about a background image in a search engine. Bing is the first search engine announced a daily rotating background image for its users. It is still considered as a good choice by the Bing lovers. Google is no where less to Bing and its sort of (copied) cool addition to the plain search engine home page. I wonder whether the google logo change will be in effect here after or not. As it wont look nice, google may consider discarding the existing logo change everyday with famous happenings in the world. Alright, let me move on to the news.

Google today introduced its new background image feature to indian users. This feature allows you to set a background image of size 800 x 600 pixels and it supports various image formats such as .jpeg, .tif, .tiff, .bmp, .gif , .png, .tga , including photoshop file format .psd .

How to start using this cool new feature ?

1> Go to : www.google.com

2> Log in into your google account using the sign in option available at the top right corner of the homepage.

3> Click Change background image option available at the left bottom of the homepage.

4> Choose your background image :

You can choose the background image from My computer , My Picasa Web photos , Public Gallery and Editor’s Pick.

5> After choosing the image click on the select button available at the bottom of the window.

6> The background image feature is set now !

How to remove background image ?

You can easily remove it by using the remove background image option available at the bottom left corner of your homepage.

Web Browser Compatibility information :

This feature is supported in the following browsers : Google Chrome , Internet Explorer 7.x , 8.x ,Firefox 3.x , Safari 3,4 (with Java Script Enabled)

Update: The Google Backgroung Image works only at the default “english” language selection. The image not actually displayed when you click on any other language option. Google may need some more time to implement this feature it seems.

Enjoy your all new Google Homepage with a colorful image at your choice 🙂 . It would be great if you leave me a comment here, to say whether you like this new feature by google or not. Thanks for reading… have a great day.

About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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  1. Might be looking good for a short. But i believe that millions of people who load Google as their home page will not use this continuously.

    Rajkumar – cVoid

    1. obviously …. but this might help google regain the users who just started using bing for it’s appearance … (there are people who also use the search engines depending on how cool it is rather than how efficient it is )

  2. Gopi… Kewl feature to experience.

    But It may slow down the loading speed of the Google Homepage and Unable to see the background image until logged into Google account.

  3. @Chethan : No . . . . it is available normally when you log on the google home page !

    @dadha : yuppp . . . . may b lets see it

    @ Ritu : Sure 🙂

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