HOW TO: Manage Google+ Circles Effectively ?

Google plus is the party head everywhere. Even though its new to the world of social networking it carries maximum users within it. Now this post is all about to explain the feature of Google circles and how does it operate. Sharing smart and secure is the most important feature in google plus. Lets learn how to manage google plus circles effectively.

When you are about to share something with a particular group of people there comes the question is it possible ?? And you will be getting the answer yes with a smile in google plus. Here you can post/share things with whom you like and prefer to share with. This is the most received feature about google plus. You can customize your own circle, share with them, content you want to see everything will be decided by you in google plus.

google plus circles

When you login google plus you can see the stream, this is the place where you can see the people’s activities you have added on your circle. When ever you are ready with your update on the stream you can select who can see your data which could be categorized from a single person, selected circle, extended circle, or to the public completely.

One major credit of using circles is, people you add on your circle wont be aware of what are all the circles they were in your network. This is all about maintaining your privacy in google plus. So lets see how to utilize  the circles feature.

Step 1: Google Plus Login

Login to Google plus. Now access the Google+ Circles from the Tab near Google+ Logo.

Google Plus Login

Step 2: Google Plus Circles

Once you enter into circles you can see who ever have you in their circle and people you have in your common circle as friends. Here you can customize your friends circle into so many ventures as you can in order to group them according to your share. Here Google+ offers certain circles like friends(default), Family, Acquaintances and Following were you can add the people.

Google Plus Login

Step 3: Organize the Circles

If your comfort is not with those offered by Google plus you can Create your own circle too. This makes the medium a bit more flexible to touch the users comfort zone. You can create a google circle from the window below and start grouping your network of people.

Google+ Circles

Step 4: Google Plus Stream

Once you have done with these basic customization work now you can start making your post to the particular circle rather than notifying everyone on your friends circle.

Google+ Circles

Manage Google Plus Circles

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