How to Redeem 100$ Google Adwords Coupon in Hostgator

Google Adwords is one of the best tool to get high targeted traffic to your website in region, language, territory focus. My favorite web hosting service provider, do have a 100$ google adwords coupon for people who get an web hosting account. This offer is currently available only for “shared account” that you host with Hostgator Webhosting service. When you purchase the shared account for 1 year minimum, you can sit relax and watch your web business grow. And this comes at 6.95$ per month where monthly plan costs you 9.95$.

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What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click advertising program by Google. With AdWords, advertisers can promote their website’s products and services on’s search results in the “sponsored links” section. Quality ad text and relevant keyword buys will give you a competitive edge over your competitors. And with AdWords, you can set your own budget and change your campaigns at any time -there are no commitments or spending requirements of any kind.

So please make a note, the free google adwords 100$ vouchers (coupons) are valid only for customer who buy shared account from hostgator.

You may check out the benefits and features that hostgator gives you where you can host your site and forget about the site downtime. Simply you can focus a lot on developing contents and building business with the website you have hosted. That peace is very essential for any business users. Especially bloggers require such hosting service provider to see the traffic graph point grows high and not to see some downs due to server maintenance, availability or security related issues.

Hostgator Google Adwords:

AdWords lets you reach people at the moment they’re searching for what you offer. Your $100 coupon is a great way to try this accountable advertising medium free of charge. Coupon expires on December 31, 2010.

Step 1: Purchase a new Hostgator Shared hosting account. This offer is not valid for Reseller and VPS Account purchases.

Step 2: Access your control panel by typing in your favorite web browser.

Step 3: You will see “Google Adwords Offer” block in your right side screen of the control panel as shown in the picture left side.

Step 4: Click “Redeem Now” and fill up the form to get your all new Google Adwords account loaded with 100$.

Step 5: Begin your advertising and pull the plug to get more targeted traffic and customers.

I hope this helps you in saving some big money to generate more targeted traffic to your business website. Do express your views and valuable suggestions with us via comment box below. I will be happy to do the necessary changes in future.

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    1. Hi @Pankaj, for indians google adwords Rs 1500 coupon is available and any one can activate it with extra Rs 500 cash or netbank transfer. And that 500 also added with your adwords account which you can use it totally as 2000 rs.

      And hostgator target much on US Clients than Indian customer base. So in future we may expect some offers for indian customers.


  1. I’ve been with HostGator for almost a year but I never use their adwords vouchers because this offer only valid for U.S and Canada, right?. I got adwords voucher from netfrims 🙂 after i use their hosting too

  2. hello i have some google adword credits, i am a novice in the aspect of online Marketing. So pls, can someone tell me how i can convert or cashout the value of my google adword credit into real cash. Pls i need this info urgently. reply me pls at   [email protected]

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