Best Remote Desktop Apps for Mac, Windows and Linux

Mikogo Mac App

This is another interesting remote desktop app that works without installing any software on your Mac, PC and iOS, Android Devices. Mainly used by Corporate for Business Presentations and Collaboration purposes. Its simple, easy to use, super fast and secure as well. Mikogo has plenty of Productivity Apps built right into its HTML based Remote Desktop App, that makes the job of both Presenter and Attendees a lot easier.

No Software or Plugin Installation, No Complex steps to follow, but offers all the tools necessary for Business People, Training Companies and Institutions.

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Free version of Mikogo allows you to invite up to 3 participants and if you are going to premium plan, then you can invite up to 25 participants. Mikogo Remote Desktop App is also available in 30 languages and used by 180 countries across the globe. You can also try out their 14 days trial software before purchasing the premium version.

You can customize the logo and names for branding purposes to suit your business. Lets see the feature highlights of mikogo quickly.

    • Cross Platform supported and allows 25 participants
    • Switch Presenter anytime during the Presentation
    • Remote Control feature to take control of Keyboard and Mouse
    • Voice Conferencing feature adds VoIP based free teleconference for attendees to join from 28 countries (check the list in their website)
    • Scheduler allows you to schedule multiple meetings and you can send invitations to participants
    • Record the remote sessions and download the video for later use
    • Whiteboard feature allows classroom type environment for Training sessions
    • Application Sharing allows sharing selected applications to your participants and hide the other apps open in your system
    • Create Custom Profiles and configure settings and features for Mikogo participants
    • File Transfer allows you to send Clipboard data or Files up to 200MB to your participants.
    • Chat Instantly with your Participants or disable chat feature for selected participants.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS

Download: Mikogo for Mac

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