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Hackers have discovered new java exploit that can cause high security risk to your privacy and data stored in your computer. Major web browsers are using java and this security exploit has no patch so far. You can check whether your computer is vulnerable for this latest java exploit or not by visiting from your web browser.


If the message box is green with a message as shown in the screenshot above then you dont have to worry about this zero day exploit. If it says that the java installed in your Windows, Mac OS or Linux is vulnerable, then the only solution available currently is disabling and removing (uninstalling) java completely from your computer to close the backdoor chances.

Fireeye, is the first security firm to spot the new 2012 zero day java exploit in the wild and warned the Internet users world wide that this exploit is not yet patched and the chances of getting infected is high in computers which has the latest java version installed. Metasploit has added a working exploit in its database which can possibly makes the hackers job pretty easy to carry out the attack and get more victims.

David Maynor from Errata Security told Infosecurity magazine, that he has tested the metasploit latest version with this java exploit and found the results are very positive. “I have tested the following operating systems: Windows7, Ubuntu 12.04, OSX 10.8.1. I have tested the following browsers: Firefox 14.0.1 (Windows, Linux,OSX), IE 9, Safari 6. The same exploit worked on all of them.”

Antivirus Software

If you have Antivirus software installed in your computer, then do perform a full system scan to ensure there are no suspected or malicious codes injected by an hacker. Any antivirus or internet security software available today comes with Anti Malware and Anti Spyware feature enabled, so perform full scan after uninstalling java completely from your computer.

It will be really tough time for users who depend on Java applications for their every day task till there is an official update to patch zero day java exploit vulnerability. Dont forget to check using the website we have suggested in the beginning of this article.

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