How to Downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7 ?

Windows 8 upgrade may seem savvy and techie for some who would like to try it the most. However, if you’re pining for new gadgets like laptops and newly released desktop computers this year, you should likely expect the new Windows 8 preinstalled into your laptop or PC. While this may look good and very up to date with Microsoft, having Windows 8 may not be the best OS to work with everyone.


The majority of people who have had time watching their television saw ads here and there telling how Windows 8 beats Windows 7 in many ways. The tiles is indeed a change with the normal desktop icons people are very much familiar with and rather gives the impression of a windows phone turned into a real PC. But while Win8 amazes those who haven’t had time to use them for real, people who have bought their laptops and PC with Windows 8 preinstalled are already asking how they can go back to get a change and bring it back to work with Windows 7.

It might mean taking chances but you may be one of those people were talking about. Though it might seem hard on how to downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7, Microsoft is actually proactive enough to think of people who would like Win7 more than its successor. One of these is the integrated Windows downgrade rights in their system. If you bought a PC with a Windows 8 version, you can downgrade it easily to retail or OEM versions of Windows 7 Professional for free.

Windows 8 to Windows 7

Now, if you really want to downgrade your PC or laptop from Windows 8 to Windows 7, you have to meet several requirements first before being able to complete the process.

  1. Your PC/laptop should run on the OEM version of the preinstalled Windows 8 Pro.
  2. Your installation media should come from OEM or any other retail channels which are legally licensed.
  3. Lastly, you have to have the genuine Windows 7 activation key for you to complete the downgrade.

The process of the downgrade is easier because it will only ask you for the activation key. Of course you have to have the installation disk for the downgrade and those are usually provided along the manuals and other user guide for new Windows 8 users. All you have to do is follow the instructions from the downgrade installation wizard and activate your PC to return to its normal Windows 7 functions by entering the activation key. That’s why keep it in mind to store your activation key somewhere safe and good or else you will not be able to restore your PC to function normally with Windows 7. Of course if you have started using Windows 8 because you don’t know how to downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7 before, then you should first back up your files or you will lose every data you have saved after the downgrade process is completed.

All in all, the downgrade process is pretty much easy to do and is not really that complicated. Just meet all the requirements needed and you’re good to go back again using Windows 7.


By far, Win8 is not bad as it seems even though a lot of people would want to downgrade their PCs with the new preinstalled OS. It’s just that Win8 is something new and testing it would seem confusing and time consuming especially for businesses. Training costs may be a downside right away from the new OS need to be tested first before they can get the gist of how it works. Incompatibility issues are also a downside since not all gadgetry may work with the new software unlike with the older and more familiar OS of Windows 7. So if you think you’re not yet ready for an upgrade, there’s still time for you to downgrade and enjoy the familiar, consistent and the much friendly user environment of Windows 7.

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