Download Firefox 12 for Windows, Linux and Mac

Firefox 12 Download links are ON AIR now, and you can download it right away for your Computer. Firefox has just released the stable version of Firefox 12 and its available for download now. We tried the update feature of Firefox 11 on Mac, and its not actually finding any updates and here you can find the direct links to download the stable firefox 12 release and enjoy the fast and safe browsing experience once again with all new Firefox web browser.

firefox 12

Mozilla Firefox is releasing their updates very actively and in number one position when it comes to a software that releases fastest updates, next to Antivirus companies.

Download Firefox 12

There is no web browser till date that releases the patches and update versions this fast. Firefox 12 addresses various bugs and security issues to bring better user experience and safety when they are surfing the web. Webmasters, Bloggers and Millions of Internet users are using Firefox every day. The short duration upgrades are quite scary and questions the stability of the worlds leading web browser, Firefox. As they released the stable version of Firefox 11 only few weeks ago and dumped it now with this upgrade release.

firefox 12 download

Google chrome the web browser by Google, also competitor for Mozilla Firefox releases updates at regular intervals and delivers fastest surfing experience to its users. The quick update releases are also showing that Firefox is trying its best to bring more features and modifications to compete with Google chrome and other browsers.

Download Firefox 12 for Windows, Linux and Mac right away from the above links provided. Enjoy Fast and Secure browsing always. Thanks for reading and you may share this post to tell your friends also about this major upgrade by Mozilla.

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