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[Updated] Google has launched Google Drive Today, that comes with 5 GB Free Cloud storage which is expandable upto 16 TB (Terabytes) under paid subscription. Where you can store upto 4000 HD (720p) movies on the Cloud for 16 TB storage. Various proofs and leaked reports are confirming Google Drive presence. Google have not said anything about Google Drive till date, still the leaked pictures and videos shows that Google Drive App for Android that lets you backup all your data to the cloud. People right now using Dropbox, Skydrive and various other cloud based computing service to backup their data to the cloud storage. When we have something official from Google, then without a doubt, more users will start to use it as we always like to keep our data in one place.

Download Google Drive

Google Drive for Android | Google Drive for PC and Mac

Here we have a simple tutorial to access Google Drive for Ubuntu and Linux machines through Nautilus.

Google Free Cloud Drive

[youtube width=”600″ height=”344″][/youtube]

Dropbox may have to do some extra promotions to not loose their existing users and customers. Google the search engine giant expected to release the Google Drive later today that gives you 5GB Free space to backup your data to the cloud from your Windows, Linux, Mac and Android as well. There is no info about Google Drive for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad devices, but its very much sure that Google Drive for Mac OS X exists and soon will be available to sync your data safely to Google Cloud storage.

google drive

Google Drive on Mac OS X (second icon at the top right corner)

[Image Credit : Mashable]


google drive

Second icon in the Share Popup in Android Smartphone

[Image Credit : Engadget]

Google Docs got 5GB Space

google docs

Google has increased Docs space from 250 MB to 5 GB.

google drive trending

GDrive is trending very much in Google Plus, and users are so curious to experience the new service. As the discussion also includes the fellow cloud storage services Dropbox and Skydrive, they too become so trending in Google+.

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Will you use GDrive or Google Drive once its launched to backup all your data to google cloud ? You may leave us your views about the new launch in comments below. Also, you may share this post with your friends to get their views as well. Thanks for reading and have a great day !

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  1. Yes, it might be really interesting how Dropbox and Amazon Cloud storage services will react to Google Drive. On the basis of charges for extra storage, Google Drive will be more attracted than Dropbox and others.

  2. I downloaded Google Drive. I just hate it. Nothing new, even providing a very low space. I love dropbox and its public folder where i can share the url

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