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Its Time to Transform your XP into Vista Ultimate

th_130When i was using windows xp operating system i used vista inspirat from crystal xp to transform my blueish xp desktop to vista ultimate in appearance. I can still see many xp users who are visiting gurusonline. Always download the software from its official website (crystalxp). It is highly not recommended to download from any other sites as it could result in malware or spyware infection in your computer.

BricoPack Vista Inspirat is a free pack which modifies Windows XP system files in order to change its appearance and make it look like Windows Vista (the next operating system made by Microsoft). Rewarded by a lot of magazine, Vista Inspirat BricoPack is the best way to change quickly and easily your Windows icons, logon and visual style.

crystalxpWarning : the use of a BricoPack installed without following our instructions can make your system down. Before installing this BricoPack, please read the instructions page “about the BricoPacks”. You must not install this pack on Windows x64.


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