Linux vs Windows, Facts and Which One You will Choose ?

As anyone who is knowledgeable about computer systems might know, there has long been a war between the operating systems of Linux and Windows. What, precisely does each operating system have, which is better suited for the average user’s needs ?  To answer that, the pros and cons of the differing systems will be examined.

windows os vs linux os

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The pricing of the two different systems is extremely desperate and here Linux takes the lead. Due to how Linux is created, through freeware or open source, it is much cheaper than Windows OS. How much cheaper you might ask ? Linux, for the most part, is actually free. Compare that to the rather pricy $119.99 that Microsoft asks for Windows 7, their latest operating system.

Ease of Use

One rather important advantage that Windows has over Linux is that Windows, on the whole, is considered much easier to use. While this may be affected by technical knowledge of the disparate users, Windows is still considered far and away the more user-friendly system.


Linux shines in this category. Windows has long been cursed with reliability issues as opponents are quick to point out. Random reboots, software issues and the “Blue screen of death” are not a problem on most computers run by Linux.


Windows takes a rather impressive lead in the amount of software available as compared to what Linux can bring to the table. While Linux is trying to catch up with the massive amount of software that Windows can field, they have yet to even get close. Linux does manage to level the playing field somewhat with one important fact. What software programs they do have are, for the most part, free or very cheap. Window’s software, on the other hand, is usually moderately expensive.


It’s unlikely that it needs to said, but Windows has had a lot of security issues over the years. A massive amount of the viruses that are running around the Internet are targeted at Windows users, so consumers really need to exercise caution. Linux has not had nearly as many problems and is considered much more secure.


When it comes to hardware, such as more RAM or Video cards Windows rules the day. With a massive selection of hardware available for purchase and use, Windows has Linux beat here. While Linux is trying to find more support for hardware options, Windows still has a big lead which seems to be growing all the time.

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The choice of an operating system is an important one, and should not be taken lightly. Hopefully the above listing of pros and cons will help the average consumer to choose. It all depends on what is needed. Should a customer require high security and a cheaper system then Linux is a clear winner. If, on the other hand, the customer requires large amounts of software/hardware and an easier system to use then Windows would probably serve their needs best. It’s important to look at what is needed in an operating system and decide from there.

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  1. Linux is one of the open source as compared to the windows. so, all the people would be willing to choose Linux based on here. But at the time, windows should be costly with good support in it 🙂

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  3. What is your favorite Linux Distro? Do drivers come enabled? Windows 7 vs Your favorite Linux Distro? Which one do you like better? Thanks.

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