HOW TO: Stop Website Tracking and Privacy Intrusion ?

Privacy is one of the primary concerns when you come to the internet. Today by default, the quality of web browsers has increased a lot. There is a lot of improvement in the user privacy and security. Even the security has increased a lot, due to lack of user’s knowledge about the security leads to data theft and privacy violation. Comparing to all other operating systems, hackers target mostly on windows users. Its because of the more number of users and the loop holes available in the operating system.

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Whenever you go online it is must to take care of your privacy because hackers target mostly on banking and card details of an user.


In order to avoid data theft and privacy intrusion, it is must to follow some procedures whenever you go online. Even windows have some basic security features like Windows Firewall and Windows Security Center still there are lots of security threats for Windows. Previously we wrote about security tips for Mac and Windows to keep the performance great and secured.

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How to Delete Flash Cookies?

When we go online to keep our browsing private, either we choose private browsing or we clear browser cache. But the actual problem comes with Flash Cookies because we can easily run scripts using flash cookies. That’s why Apple devices use HTML5 instead of Flash. Flash Cookies are created by Adobe Flash Player. When you watch video from a website for better playback they use an unique identifier to keep track all the websites you visit. Some of the websites use regular tracking cookies which monitors all your activities in the browser. It will be there even after you delete cookies from your browser. To delete flash cookies from your computer, follow the steps below.

Go to flash player global settings using this link. Go to global storage settings i.e., the second tab and move the slider to none. It will stop the flash cookies from execution. Also uncheck the third party flash content to be stored on your computer. This will completely block and delete the flash cookies from your computer.


Get Best Antivirus / Internet Security Software

For windows machines, it is must to have an anti-virus in your system. Instead of choosing a free antivirus softwares go for a paid one. The quality of the software differs a lot. If you think you could save money by using a free version or a pirated one, surely you will end up with the loss of your privacy and data. So it’s better to use a paid version you will get offers for paid antivirus software in many websites.

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Bitdefender is one of the best antivirus software which gives a complete protection to your PC. It has advance protection technology which work brilliant on Windows machines. Now the Bitdefender 2013 pack is available for sale. It is compatible with Windows 8, the upcoming operating system of Microsoft. So you can use the same license if you are upgrading to Windows 8 in future. Also dailytut gives you 50% discount coupon on bitdefender for limited time. You can read full review and get the coupon codes from here. If you are using Mac, go for Cleanmymac 2, it is one of the best protection software for the Mac platform. We have 20% discount coupon for Cleanmymac 2 and you can download it from here.

These are the two best ways to protect your system from privacy intrusion and websites from tracking. Delete the flash cookies and try the new antivirus in your system. It will surely give you the good results in your system’s performance. Also share your experience with us in the comment box.

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