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windows7Posting some of the windows 7 keys for 32 bit and 64 bit editions. Some people find difficulty in getting the key while or after downloading the windows 7 from microsoft website. Ofcourse, many do the downloads in torrent and other sites. You may use these keys to activate your windows 7 product as genuine.

Microsoft recently announced Windows 7 pricing Details Windows 7 becomes favorite for many windows xp users after trying out the beta and rc candidate versions. Faster than Vista, and gives better performance compare to any other previous editions. Not only that, Windows 7 final release going to have inbuilt XP via Virtual machine. Anyway, lets wait for the final release and you can check microsofts official website for detailed features list and more info.

Windows 7 product key for 32 bit:


Windows 7 product key for 64bit:



Choose the right key for your edition and enjoy the windows 7 computing 🙂

You may also need to have a look at Lenova to offer Free upgrade to Windows 7 .

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  1. Let’s say you need to install or reinstall Microsoft Windows 7 or Microsoft Office, but you cannot locate your product key (product code) for that version of the software. If you lose your Windows 7 key, you lose valuable time and money.

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