Best Windows Security Tips to Keep the Performance Great

In the modern world we are too much dependent on computers. Almost all of our work depends on computer and without it we cannot expect our work to be done. We save large amount of useful data in our computers. But do you ask yourself ever that what you are doing for computer security ? Is the data safe in your computer ? Well, talking about the need of computer security I must say that its necessity nowadays. If you want to work fearlessly with your computer, then you must be familiar with the basic tips to secure your PC. In this post I am going to list 5 best security tips for your computer.

windows security

So lets have a look on it.

Use Updated Antivirus

Re check the heading of this point. Use Updated Antivirus. Updated makes the real meaning here. You must have an antivirus installed on your system already as its a common thing nowadays. But one thing that I seen mostly among all the computer users is that they use outdated antivirus. The outdated antivirus can only save you from the old viruses. But you can’t even imagine that new viruses are being developed by some naughty mates everyday. Your outdated antivirus cannot save you from new generation of viruses.

Use Original Software

I seen any times people to search for the crack and all those stuff on Internet to get the software free. Well, let me tel you one thing that in this greedy world you cannot expect anything to come free. So how the software can ?? The software or so called full licensed software that you get from the internet is most probably to come with the viruses and phishing attacks. Original software is the only way to stay safe from such scams. For this you need to lighten your pocket, but it ensures the security of your PC.

Keep Your System Updated

This one is recommended for the computer security. Most times your operating system itself has the answer to all the security essentials. You just need to update and OS will do everything itself. The thing is that to update your OS, you need to have original version of it, then only you can expect the support from your OS developer.


Firewall is the recommendation for the security of computer. Firewall can notify about the license of new software. It can help you in installing the right software. Mostly new software contains viruses in it and firewall can protect you from all such incidents. In Fact, Firewall ensures only the licensed and trusted software to be installed on your computer.

Internet Security

The best source of viruses insecure tasks is the internet. So special type of security need to be used when you are using internet. For this you can install the firewall like Comodo or you can also install the internet security software, which you can get easily from your antivirus developer. Internet security software protects your computer from all type of viruses and thus keep your system protected.

Author Bio: This guest post is written by Gupta Sumit aka Sumoni HFG, who is a part time blogger and author at  The Geeks Club and concentrates mainly on iOS Apps and Phone comparision, get in touch with me on twitter @ sumonigupta

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