WhatsApp Inc, Google LLC What are these in my iPhone Storage?

Wondering why you are seeing WhatsApp Inc, Google LLC, Instagram Inc, and Apple LLC consuming so much Storage Space on your iPhone or iPad? For some people, it may be a few MBs, and for some, it could be GBs.

Don’t worry; let’s quickly see what are those WhatsApp Inc, google llc, and other social media names present in your iPhone Storage page.

whatsapp inc google llc apple inc iphone storage

I was shocked, too, when I noticed that Iconless social media apps are consuming plenty of storage on my iPhone.

When you navigate to Settings > General > iPhone storage, we can see the list of applications that occupy the storage on your iPhone or iPad.

By scrolling down the list, you will see organizations like Google, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Apple occupying storage, and they are not Apps. These are company names for the Apps you have Installed on your iPhone.

iphone google llc

Unfortunately, You can see the disk space occupied by Google, but there are no options to delete or offload the data.

WhatsApp Inc, Google LLC What are these in my iPhone Storage?

If you have installed apps developed by a parent company, Facebook, then all apps set or owned by Facebook will have their own data storage space on your iPhone and iPad. Apps like Instagram and WhatsApp installed will share data among themselves.

Data being shared will have its mention under iPhone Storage.

The same applies to Apple Apps and Google Apps you have Installed on your iPhone and iPad. That is how apple designed it, and data sharing will be done through their company name on iOS Devices.  

iphone storage google llc delete

Even Though it is not in the full details, instead of showing which application shares the data, it offers an overview of the storage occupied by the apps specific to a company name. 

iphone instagram inc

We can see that 29 apps share Data in the Google LLC space; the 29 apps could be Google Drive, Google Photos, YouTube, Google Docs, and other google products. 

But suppose you see WhatsApp Inc instead of a single app. In that case, the possible reason is you must use two WhatsApp apps that are the regular version of WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business, and that creates separate shared storage space and share the data within the two applications. 

iphone whatsapp inc

How to Delete WhatsApp Inc, Instagram Inc, and Google LLC on my iPhone or iPad storage?

Only when we delete the apps will we be able to free up the storage space. That’s the solution available at present.

I, too, wish apple would provide a clean interface to preview all those data or at least an option like in other apps where we see “Documents & Data.” So that we can delete them quickly.

By default, when we delete unwanted data in WhatsApp or WhatsApp business, the shared storage space also gets reduced after a few hours.

Attaching a video tutorial for your reference. I hope it clarifies why you are seeing WhatsApp Inc, Instagram Inc, Google LLC, and Apple LLC on your iPhone Storage.

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