Cleanmymac X Review: Worth the Price and Works as Promised?

Cleanmymac X, Is it Worth the Price? Works as Promised? I like to share my Honest opinion in this Cleanmymac X Review. Is it Really an App that Improves your Mac Speed? Any Cleanmymac X Discount Coupons available? Let’s find out.

Honestly, I won’t recommend this Beautiful app to newer Mac computers. If you have recently bought a mac, then this app is not for you, or the time hasn’t come yet to download Cleanmymac X on your Mac computer.

If you have older mac even with latest Mac OS Mojave running on it, then this App is for you.

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Apple may support the latest Mac OS Mojave for your 2011 mac computer, but you may still face Slow Speed issues due to the third party apps like Adobe Creative Suite Products, Microsoft Office for Mac, VLC or any other media player and other apps that you use for Productivity and Entertainment purposes.

Cleanmymac X Review

Have you upgraded to Mac OS Big Sur? If not, do it right away. And don’t worry about any slowdowns or performance issues. After using Cleanmymac X for a week I am confident that whatever slow speed issues older mac’s affected by, Cleanmymac X can fix it very well.

Apple is very focused on improving the Speed and Performance in Mac computers and iOS Devices with this year OS upgrades. Flash Storage (SSD) and the latest software’s with APFS File Systems makes a perfect combo. However, it’s not Apple, but the third-party apps that we use and cannot be without for Productivity and Entertainment Reasons.

These third-party apps, store tons of temporary files and consumes plenty of storage space without our knowledge.

They even left unused and not removed after you uninstall the Apps. It does not just waste your storage space, also affects the system speed and performance. Your search results taking more time to load and frequently you seeing the rainbow loading icon are some of the signs that your mac is becoming slow.

Is Cleanmymac X Enough? Will it Work as Promised?

Well, Macpaw is not some new software vendor. They are here for a long time and I personally used Cleanmymac version 2 and 3 in my mac. My first Mac computer was HDD powered, So for a new system, it was working fine. But after a few months of usage, I noticed so many lags and apps opening where so much hectic.

Cleanmymac 2 was my first cleaner app for mac that I tried and felt totally worth buying for. Then I upgraded to Cleanmymac 3 and it made my MacBook Pro and iMac lot smoother running with HDD.

Just last year I upgraded to SSD powered MacBook Pro’s and gave my older iMac an upgrade too, by replacing the HDD to SSD.

As I said earlier, for a new Mac computer, you won’t feel any speed issues in the beginning. But after few months of usage, when we start to install the third-party apps that we cannot avoid for Productivity reasons, the mac starts to show me the Rainbow loading icon frequently in my iMac. Even with SSD installed in it.

That’s when I thought to get Cleanmymac 3 again installed in my iMac and in my experience, it works as promised. It removed tons and tons of temporary files and unwanted user files, apps files stored in the SSD Drive. I was surprised and happy to see Cleanmymac does the job once again.

If you want a lookback, CleanMyMac 3 Review, Is it a Good Cleaner App for Mac OS?

Cleanmymac X is newly launched and I am trying it on my iMac replacing the Cleanmymac 3. The new interface looks Sci-Fi like and has one new security feature that is so essential for present-day computing.

cleanmymac x malware removal

Malware Removal tool. I am not sure how effective it will be, but its bundled with Cleanmymac X and I am happy that there is a security software present in the mac that I can trust. Macpaw promises that it will fight against all types of -wares, such as Spyware, adware, and Ransomware being downloaded and installed on a Mac computer.

Have to wait and see how well it performs in fighting against those Malware.

I usually follow decent security practices, however, I think this Malware Removal security feature may come handy if it works as promised.

Cleanmymac X – Smart Scan

For the past one week, I have been using the Smart Scan (previously Quick Scan) feature to quickly scan my SSD installed iMac for any leftover files, temporary files, user data (that is not necessary) stored in my disk. It automatically fetches everything quickly and shows it to me where I can simply click one button to clean them all.

You are the BOSS!

If you want to try their advanced system cleaning feature, you may dive into their individual option area, where you can clean little more deeper and it won’t be random. I mean, the files and apps that are selected by Cleanmymac X are always kept transparent and YOU ARE THE BOSS to decide which files, apps, and app data should be removed.


It presents the list of files to be cleaned, and we can remove them automatically or manually after a short review. You should see it in action to be impressed.

Alright, before giving my conclusion, i like to show you some screenshots of this Sci-Fi like Cleanmymac X app that is running on my Mac.

cleanmymac x review smart scan
Smart Scan – Quickly perform a Scanning of your Mac computer hard disk drive to see the Gigabytes of Temporary Files that are stored without your knowledge and clogging the system Speed and Performance all these days.
cleanmymac x review photos removal
Photo Junk – Did you know that Photos app has plenty of temporary data stored in its app? the Photos you Sync from your iPhone and iPad creates tons of temporary data in Photos App and Cleanmymac X can intelligently find all those unused temporary data, cache files for clean up.
cleanmymac x review large files removal
Large & Old Files – Files that you have forgotten, never opened for very long time, simply stored and you forgot to delete, buried deeper in the directories are brought to your sight with this Scanning feature. You decide what to do with those old files and claim your precious storage space.
cleanmymac x review optimization
Optimization – It’s like a secondary Activity Monitor, but gives more insight into the Apps that are currently running on your Mac. Identify which apps are hung and running improperly. Know which apps are running on your Mac and take control of it.
cleanmymac x review privacy
Privacy – Clear your Browsing data from one place. It’s like one Big Red Button you see in movies to launch a Missile that only President can use ;). Clean up all the browsing data, tracks and temporary files with quick scan and cleaning feature. This includes your Chat Data, such as Skype, iMessages etc., You can exclude apps as well.
cleanmymac x review shredder
Shredder – One of my favorite feature. It shreds any files you throw inside this window. Its amazing and its just like Paper Shredder, but a perfect Secure Data Removal tool that can never be recovered by any File Recovery Softwares for Mac. Use it carefully. Don’t say later i didn’t warn you.
cleanmymac x review uninstaller
Uninstaller – In Mac, it’s just a Drag and Drop for installing Apps. Its easy but when you uninstall an App simply by throwing them into Trash Bin, not all the data is removed. To remove all the App Data and User Data associated to it, this Uninstaller in Cleanmymac X will dive deeper to find all those associated data and completely removes them. A must have.

These are some of the important feature highlights that I want to share it with you today, and there are few more features that I left in this Cleanmymac X Review. However, you can give this app a try and explore some more features it offers.

Cleanmymac X comes in many Languages

cleanmymac x review languages

Conclusion: Cleanmymac X Final Verdict

As I said at the start of this Cleanmymac X Review, I won’t be suggesting this tool if you have recently bought a Mac computer. Your mac should be fine unless you have stored plenty of Data and looking for some Trusted Utility manage your Storage effectively and Speed up your Mac.

For all Mac OS Yosemite and above users with MacBook Pro, Mac Mini and iMac, I definitely recommend this beautiful Cleaning app for you to try. And see how different it makes in boosting your Mac’s Speed and Performance by keeping the Storage Clean and Optimising the Apps and System as well.

Free Download Cleanmymac X (Trial)

If you are happy with my Cleanmymac X Review and interested to purchase the app right away, then click the following link to take you to the checkout page.

Price: $34.95

License Info: Single Mac

(You get upto 50% Discounts with Next Version License Purchase).

Download Cleanmymac X

Thank you very much for your valuable time. I hope you have turbo boosted your Mac computers Speed and Performance by selecting the right App today. Do use it for a week or two, come back here and let us know how Cleanmymac X performed for you.

Cleanmymac X Discount Coupons

Does it work as Promised? Worth the Price? You tell us in the comment box below after trying this App in your MacBook Air, Pro, mini or in Older iMac’s. Also if there are any Cleanmymac X Discounts or Coupon Codes available, I will update in our Cleanmymac X Discount Coupons page.

Feel free to share this Cleanmymac X Review with your friends and followers at Twitter, Facebook and Google+ if you find it useful. Have a wonderful Productive day.

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