missing required ds files error fix iphone

“Missing Required DS Files” on iPhone Game Emulator, How to Fix?

The Delta Game Emulator allows you to play games on your iPhone from various gaming consoles, including the Nintendo DS. While installing any games,”missing required DS files” error is frustrating when you’re excited to play a classic DS game. Officially, through the App Store, emulators…

delete text messages iphone both sides

How to Delete Text Messages on iPhone for Both Sides?

Just got a new iPhone? Do you want to delete messages you sent by mistake? It’s simple! Privacy is very important nowadays, especially for our messages. Whether you’re having private chats or want to keep your inbox tidy, knowing how to delete messages on iPhone…

iOS 17.4 Battery Drain Fixes iPhone

iOS 17.4 Battery Drain Fix for iPhone

Not all users experience battery drains, but some users do. I have tried iOS 17.4 Battery Drain fixes on my iPhone and am seeing good results. So, thought to share them here with you. After the iOS 17.4 update, I noticed a fast battery drain…

iphone battery health reduce ios update

Why my iPhone Battery Health Reduced after iOS Update?

Have you ever noticed that your iPhone’s battery doesn’t last as long as it used to, especially after updating to the latest version of iOS? People ask me frequently, “Why my iPhone Battery Health reduced after iOS Software Update? Is the update the reason for…

iphone waterproof battery screen replacement

Is iPhone WaterProof after Battery and Screen Replacement?

When it’s time to Replace the iPhone Battery or Broken Screen, this question comes to our mind. Will the iPhone Waterproof or Water Resistance be the same as before? Let me clarify one important thing here. None of the iPhone’s releases to date are waterproof….

iOS 17.4 release date features iphone

iOS 17.4 Release Date, Features and Should You Update?

Apple recently released iOS 17.4 developer beta versions with new features, and we will decide whether you should update them once they are officially released. Apple initiates transformative changes within the App Store in response to EU regulatory mandates. Developers gain the liberty to integrate…

iOS 7.2.1 iPhone Battery Drain Fixes

iOS 17.2.1 Fixes Battery Drain Problem on iPhone

Apple has rolled out the iOS 17.2.1 update with an iPhone Battery Drain fix that affects some iPhone users under certain conditions. While the official release notes in English remained discreet about these improvements, the Japanese version spilled the beans, revealing the specific conditions under…

Organize Apps Automatically Alphabetically

How do you Organize Apps on iPhone Automatically and Alphabetically?

After using an iPhone or iPad, a few people ask, “How do you automatically organize apps on an iPhone? And alphabetically? If you understand how Apple devices work, there’s not much we can do in terms of customization. Finding an efficient way to organize your…