iphone face id not working disabled error

iPhone Face ID Not Working Disabled Error, How to Fix?

Is your iPhone Face ID Not Working? Seeing Face ID Disabled Error? with a message saying, “There’s an issue with your iPhone’s ability to use Face ID?”. You can try following the troubleshooting steps to diagnose and fix Face ID not working problem on your…

no connected camera error mac

How to Fix “There is No Connected Camera” Error on your Mac?

When you are in a hurry for a Zoom meeting, and suddenly see the “There is No Connected Camera” error on your MacBook? Here is how you can fix it quickly and join your Video call. The Apple FaceTime HD camera on a mac computer’s…

google maps not working mac

Fix Google Maps Not Working on Mac

Recently Mac users who use Google Maps as their Default map application faced a black screen instead of the location content. The following steps can fix Google Maps not working properly on Mac. If you are among those facing this issue, don’t worry; follow the…

turn off double click install apps iphone

How to Turn Off Double Click to Install Applications on iPhone?

Are you annoyed by the pop-up saying to double-click to install an app in the AppStore on your iPhone? You can easily turn off the pop-up message that instructs users to double-click the side button to install an application if you have turned on Face…

change home screen wallpaper iphone

How do I Change iPhone Home Screen Wallpaper in iOS 16?

Apple has changed how we set wallpaper on iPhones since iOS 16. with the release of iOS 16.2, you can change the iPhone Home Screen Wallpaper a little easier. We can easily Change Lock Screen Wallpaper, but the tricky part comes when you try to…

convert heic jpg iphone

Convert HEIC to JPG For Free on iPhone

How to Convert HEIC to JPG on iPhone for Free? Without any Paid App or complex steps? Photos you take using the iPhone camera app by default are saved as.HEIC format. They are high-quality file formats with less compression. It is good when you use…

iphone freezes when trying share

iPhone Freeze When Trying to Share, How to Fix?

Why is my share button not working on iPhone? Whenever you press Share Icon to access Share Sheet, some iPhone users experience hang problems. We can fix iphone screen freeze problem by following these troubleshooting steps. Many feel that this happens after iOS Software Update….

delete siri history

How to Delete your Siri Search and Dictation History?

SIRI is still a favorite Voice Assistant for many iPhone users. A few of my friends use SIRI Search and Dictation most of the time. They can’t use their iPhone without SIRI. From Creating Reminders, Alarms, Reading and Sending Messages, Emails, and playing/Pause music. And…