Facebook News Ticker for Realtime Newsfeed

Facebook has rolled out a cool new feature called Facebook News Ticker which appears just above the chat box. This shows the newsfeed updates in realtime without refreshing your facebook homepage. Ofcourse, by default facebook page gets refreshed after certain time but this news ticker shows you update in realtime.

Facebook Testing Realtime News Ticker

Seems like they rolled out this fb newsticker feature just for testing purpose. You will notice the ticker going away when you refresh your page and this happens often. If you are searching in Google for “How to get rid off facebook news ticker” or “How to disable Facebook News Ticker” then we have to wait for the final release of it to find a way to deactivate facebook news ticker completely and enjoy the same old facebook chat interface.

The sudden changes that Facebook tries to bring are sometimes disappointing to its users. Here is what you will see when people try to get help with Facebook Help Center.

facebook news ticker

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more news about Facebook.

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