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Your website speed sucks? Loading slow even on Broadband Connection? You will definitely loose visitors and conversions as well. High speed websites always rank well in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. MaxCDN serves all your website static contents such as, PHP files, JScript files, CSS files and most importantly Images of any size from High Speed Solid State Drives (SSD) powered servers that also got Super Fast Internet Bandwidth to serve pages world wide.

MaxCDN is a very trusted and used by millions of webmasters world wide. Setup is easy and to save you more money in your monthly bills, we have a 25% MaxCDN Coupon Codes here applied to each new plans and packages.

Simply choose the plan below and click on “Order Now” to take you to the Payment page. Feel free to drop your queries in the comment box below, if you find any difficulty in completing the purchase.

MaxCDN Monthly Plans

MaxCDN Monthly PlansOriginal PriceDiscounted PriceBuy Now
100 GB Bandwidth per Month$9$6.75Order Now
500 GB Bandwidth per Month$39$29.25Order Now
1 TB Bandwidth per Month$79$59.25Order Now
5 TB Bandwidth per Month$299$224.25Order Now

MaxCDN Yearly Plans

MaxCDN Yearly Plans12 Months PriceFree 2 Months PriceBuy Now
MaxCDN 100GB/Month$108$90Order Now
MaxCDN 500GB/Month$468$390Order Now
MaxCDN 1TB/Month$948$790Order Now
MaxCDN 5TB/Month$3588$2990Order Now

Read more about Why you should consider MaxCDN and the benefits of using it on your Website.

Why MaxCDN ?

Best Content Delivery Network for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other websites. I am using MaxCDN for 2 years and it is the best CDN available that meets my requirement. That is the reason i thought to share some interesting tips to improve your Google PageSpeed Score and recommend MaxCDN to improve your website loading speed today.

How i Got Google Pagespeed Score 95 ?

MaxCDN Coupon Code

MaxCDN is my favorite CDN service. You can find 25% maxcdn discount coupon code in this page to save on your purchase and future upgrade as well. As a wordpress user i find Maxcdn as the best and easy solution to serve the static contents of my website to my visitors. Which resulted in a very good page speed score 95 out of 100 in Google Pagespeed test results.

Click on the button and it will take you to the Plans and Pricing page. Select your Plan and “Signup“. Coupon automatically copied to clipboard, hence in the payment page just paste it in the correct field.

Websites that loads faster for Visitors, gets More Conversions and More Returning Visitors. It Keeps your Visitors Happy !

MaxCDN Review

Its been 2 years since i started to use MaxCDN for my wordpress blog. It is the best CDN service available in Internet today for Blogs and Websites. There are many expensive CDN solutions available, but i dont want unlimited bandwidth to pay hundreds of dollars. MaxCDN is not expensive. I spend 29.99$ every year to get 1 TB bandwidth. If i exceed that 1 Tera byte bandwidth limit, i can always upgrade some extra Tera Bytes storage to my account by paying little extra. It entirely depends on your usage and if your blog and content goes very popular then no doubt, you will cross that 1 TB limit and that means, you are getting huge traffic volume and you can afford the low cost upgrade solutions as well.

Your users happiness is directly related to your Page Loading time.

That’s so true. After giving some focus towards the page speed, i am able to see the increase in Email Subscribers for my blog. It is about what you target. If you are selling products on your Website or Blog, then you must ensure that your website loads faster so that users will be happy to access and quickly complete the purchase. If the site takes more time load, then it will make them uncomfortable. No body likes to wait, will you ? So it is important to keep the page speed score minimum 90 or above.

Offload heavy static files to high speed MaxCDN Servers for More Scalability

One of the main reason that your website loads slower, is because of heavy static files, Images, PHP files, CSS files, JS files are the main reasons and you can offload them from your hosting server and move it to High Speed SSD (Solid State Drives) equipped servers to process and serve it faster. MaxCDN servers are really powerful and can handle heavy traffic websites very easily. That is the reason, why 13,000+ small, medium business sites and enterprises trust MaxCDN and hosted their website with them. You will experience the complete scalability when you hosted your website with MaxCDN.

Mozilla Shaved 2.2 seconds OFF the page load and Increased Download Conversions by 15.4%

Thats very true. Mozilla the famous web browser giant company has started using MaxCDN and able to see huge conversions in their software downloads than before. This also saved them thousands of dollars and increased revenue overall.

Google Loves Faster Loading Websites. Get listed higher in Search Results

Google loves the website that loads pretty fast and has good google page speed score. Check in Google Pagespeed Test right now to know your pagespeed score. Web pages or Blogs that has good pagespeed score means, it loads faster and servers the contents to its visitors very quickly. This will make google to fall in love with your website again and again 🙂

MaxCDN works on WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop or any Custom CMS, Blogs and Websites.

Dont worry about the platform you are using. MaxCDN works so easily on any platform and static websites. Just refer their knowledge base or send an email to support team after completing your MaxCDN account purchase. They will help you to setup MaxCDN on your website in minutes.

You are going to make a wonderful choice right now by choosing MaxCDN for your website. 24/7 Email Support, 30 Days Risk free money back guarantee and best high speed servers in place will make your website speed go great from now on. Get ready to start seeing more happy visitors and customers to your website. Signup for MaxCDN Plans today. Recently they introduced new set of plans to let you choose the best that fits your budget.

Their yearly plans are now changed to monthly plans that brings more bandwidth and better saving of your money overall. Start plan gives 100GB per month where you have to pay just 9$ a month. When you choose it yearly billing option with this plan then you will get a total bill of 90$ with 2 months free and we have a 25% maxcdn discount code to help you get a more savings. You will be paying just 67$ per year after applying the coupon. This works the same way for all the plans listed in maxcdn website.



MaxCDN Coupon Codes

New Plans and Pricing released by MaxCDN recently and you can get any plan with discount of 25% from MaxCDN Coupon Codes page.

Thanks for reading and you may now share this post on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to let your friends and followers also take advantage of this exclusive offer and speed up their website. You may write to us “[email protected]” if you have any suggestions or feedback. Have a wonderful day !

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